North Node Aquarius

"The greatest struggle for those with the NN in Aquarius is to turn the little Prince or Princess within them into a commoner. Their most significant stumbling block could be their sense of being unique and privileged. However, they are destined to experience personal breakthroughs throughout their lives, but these are likely to come from humbling experiences.

The first step in claiming and unlocking your NN in Aquarius potential is to embody the highest expression of your Leo SN. You can do this by celebrating your naturally enthusiastic and sunny nature, enjoying making others laugh, being an entertainer, and fascinating others with your passion, creative vision, and the ease with which you express yourself. 

...your soul mission in life is to be less self-centered and more of a visionary for humanity.
...your mission is to be a poster child for all that is new, progressive, or even radical."  (link)


"These people need to find a way to escape being trapped in their own ego because they let themselves fall on this path quite often and so disregard those around them.

People with the North Node in Aquarius can envision the world and dream the big dreams. They are very convinced of how important justice is, and most of the time courageous enough to share their opinions.

As a matter of fact, these natives are the ones who are writing to important people about how to organize charities and how to raise money for peace to be instilled. These natives don't believe in conforming and are very romantic, the ones who are usually in exile because their way of thinking is unique.

  • Strengths: Idealistic, attentive and kind-hearted;
  • Challenges: Dramatic, rude and selfish;

These people are at their best when taking good care of themselves and coming up with new ideas. The biggest challenge for them is to balance their mind with their heart. The more they're learning to relate and have their own roles set apart, the more they can be seen as equals and good friends.

Aquariuses are always thinking about the future, so those with the North Node in this sign can see how brilliant they can become at some point in their life.

If they want to be higher beings, they need to no longer be trapped in their own ego. They also have the South Node in Leo, meaning their past is all about being recognized for their special talents.

During their past lives, they were probably more important than they are in the current one. This means they fed on the admiration of others, as well that they wanted all the attention to be on them.

...they may be domineering and too authoritative during the present lifetime too.

It's important for them to leave all kind of drama behind, as well to stop doing things only their way and taking many risks. 

...but they need to as well be in control of their life and therefore, responsible. 

They can be selfish, rude and too authoritative, even tyrannical. However, the South Node is what wasn't let go of from previous existences.

Therefore, the karma is all about giving up being obsessed with oneself because this can ruin relationships.

People with the South Node in Leo are kindhearted, meaning they're also passionate and romantic, even dramatic. As a matter of fact, drama is their thing because they were never bored during past lives.

It's not only about being focused on oneself, but also about looking at others as if they need to play their own role.

These people can be really upset when someone isn't performing like they do.

When things aren't going the way they're expecting them to and drama doesn't exist, North Node Aquarius natives can't feel fulfilled.

They can be at the center of attention, asking others to follow their lead, but they can feel empty while doing it.

Since the Sun is the celestial body ruling the sign in which their South Node is, it can be difficult for them to defeat their self.

If returning on their path to gather all the gold casted by the Leo's shadow, they can be kind, open and giving, as well never hurried to judge. These natives should expect surprises in life, and just dance.

The soul purpose of people born with North Node in Aquarius is to know what's truly good and when to make changes, as well to get rid of everything that's corrupt.

They're true visionaries and big dreamers who want to live in a different manner.

Their shadow is about them being focused too much on themselves when trying to give something from what they're having. More than this, they may too often want to be in the center of attention.

The North Node Aquariuses have a need to share their talents with others, but they need to have good intentions because looking too much to have all the attention on them can make these people selfish, even if in the most discrete and playful way" (link)

Therefore: South Node Leo

"People born during with the South Node in Leo have a superior air and may be isolating themselves from others because they think they're very special, no matter the circumstances. 

Having big egos that once held protection over them, they have problems being part of groups in which everyone has an opinion, during this lifetime. 

They're not accustomed with the life in groups and can't accept other points of view.

When it comes to their love life during their past lives, these are making them look for the same thing in the present lifetime.

However, the South Node is not allowing for things to happen this way. It goes the same way with the children with this placement in their birth chart, when finding their first love.

When things are extreme or if the South Node is in adverse aspects, the natives may become isolated from their children or not be so lucky when it comes to romance.

This is because they're not trying to develop the direction their North Node is instilling and instead, they're struggling with the South Node characteristics.

It's very likely for them to be bitter with the ones in power and who are wealthy, but they don't want to escape the people's games. 

Accustomed with being admired by others, South Node Leos don't like it when the attention is not on them, even if they're not providing and they've lost it.

In fact, they can feel burdened by the efforts they need to make in order to make their loved ones happy, at some point.

They tend to be too dramatic when it comes to love and personal issues, also to become too motivated when trying to obtain what they want.

More than this, they don't want to be just another face in the crowd, so they're giving their best to be different.

These are the challenges of the South Node in Leo. Natives of this placement need to leave their fear of having a relationship behind, as well to offer their partner their freedom to act the way they want to.

Equality needs to be grasped by them in every sense of what the word means.

Individuals with South Node in Leo need to understand they're special even if belonging to a group, as well that they need to be impartial and attentive to others' needs.

No longer chasing only what they want, they can be more satisfied and eventually obtain what they need.

As far as their personal connections and love are going, these can suffer greatly if they're taking everything to be about them and expecting others to follow their lead.

If they're letting go of all the drama in their life, as well of the praise of others, they can become more objective and start to cultivate honest friendships, which will help them have a more balanced life.

This is helping them have healthier relationships. South Node Leos remember that during their past lives, they were surrounded by luxury and people who offered them their services, also that they've been superior.

They can have a modest life during the present cycle and still remember the privileges from other times. For this reason, they're expecting others to serve them, not to mention they aren't trying to win their position in society because they think they deserve everything.

Others are denying them their privileges and they're continuing to act like royals because this is how they've been accustomed to live or how they want to appear.

As far as their attitude is going, these natives are melodramatic like in soap operas. They all the time want to play a part and to exaggerate their emotions, not to mention they require a wide audience to take part in their lives because they love dealing with intrigues. At least their friends can be sure they're not dull.

Natives of the South Node Leo are known for their failed romances because they expect their ex-partners to regret them for a lifetime.

They want dangerous emotions and to be thrilled, not to mention they seem to make the wrong decisions when it comes to love.

Feeling proud when breaking a heart and aching themselves as well, they can end up being exhausted or unhappy.

These South Node Leos want to share what they know and to give others because this way, they're expressing their talent and impressing the society.

Having the North Node in Aquarius, this lifetime is for them full of changes because they're no longer so interested in entertaining others, cultivating their imagination and being around children, as well helping the entire humanity.

In other words, they're no longer looking to entertain in order to make everyone feel good.

It's quite impressive to see the Energy of Leo moving towards of one of the Aquarius. Water Bearers are known for investing their hard work in helping others and for wanting to save the world."

NO water.
"have an emotional vacuum which they attempt to fill by turning to spiritual realms or universal truths. This is an attempt to find meaning in their lives. Their difficulty remaining in touch with and expressing their feelings may lead them to form relationships with overly emotional people or to become addicted to excitement and intensity. Because they may not be aware of or able to respond empathetically to other people's feelings, they try to prove that they are sensitive by acting out nurturing activities, such as cooking a meal, or by acting overly concerned." Lack of water 
" may not be as in touch with your ability to freely express your emotions and intuition. It's not that you lack empathy, psychic ability or feeling ... it's just more uncomfortable for you to express because you'd rather focus on feeling through action (Fire), logic (Air) or practically expressing emotion (Earth). You invite Water people into your life to help you learn how to emote from a more graceful plane." missing something

Venus square Saturn
# Possible problems with you affections and ability for harmonious relationships may come through an inhibited ability to express your real feelings for fear of rejection. Shyness and an overly-cautious nature may lead to lonely periods.
# Giving and receiving love are not flowing and natural for people born with Venus in hard aspect to Saturn. Blockages are experienced, and love relationships may be a source of frustration as a result, until the natives learn to love themselves, and to feel worthy of love from others.
In its more negative expression, some people with this position learn to scheme in order to get what they want from a partner, or they might treat partnerships as if they were businesses.
These aspects can make natives especially sensitive to "cues" that suggest they are not loved or rejected in some way. People with Venus-Saturn in hard aspect can often "expect" rejection in issues of love and care, whether they are conscious of this tendency or not. This can often lead to negative situations in love - and bad timing or the feeling of having "bad luck" in relationships.
Often, people with this position sell themselves short. They are not risk takers when it comes to relationships, often choosing a path that they feel is safe, even if it is an uncomfortable one. Fear of giving can also express itself through tight-fistedness with money.
The key to handling these aspects is to learn to loosen up and relax. Know that you may be oversensitive to rejection - and try to gain some perspective when you feel your love is not being returned to your satisfaction. Are you truly letting love in, or is there a part of you that is scared? Could your expectations and "heaviness" in the area of relationships (you might take love more seriously than most) be getting in the way of accepting love and affection? Venus-Saturn people may have deep-seated feelings of being unworthy of love, even if they are able to rationalize and decide otherwise!
Perhaps due to painful separations in your early life, you are very cautious about becoming close to people and sharing your feelings. Though you crave love and affection, intimacy is difficult for you. You may become romantically involved with people who do not value you or treat you well. You need to learn to love and value yourself before you will find happiness in love.
# You may find that your best sexual relationships are with individuals who are significantly older or younger than yourself. The role of teacher is so significant in your life that it may pervade your love life. You will need to overcome a sense of reserve or inhibition to deepen your spiritual connection.   

Sun opposition Pluto
# Personality difficulties that need to be acknowledged and overcome may concern an intense need to dominate and control others to achieve personal power. You can be arrogant, possessive, egoistical and ruthless. If channelled wisely this energy could manifest a dominant, forthright character with much executive potential. You must learn how to compromise.
# Sun opposite Pluto natal creates an intense struggle to safely express your strong ego. Being such a powerful, determined and private person, you may go to extreme lengths to ensure others see you as a perfect human being, totally in control of yourself and all around you. If you believe that you don't meet your own high standards, or that others think less of you, dissatisfaction can lead to negative behaviors or a crisis.
     It is most often through interpersonal relationships that this struggle is fought. Starting as an internal battle, it often leads to conflict with others, self-sabotage or some other destructive process. The Pluto theme of death and rebirth runs deep in your soul. You may have an intense fear of both death and rebirth, or failure and the process of change.
    Change and transformation will be a constant in your life. If your self-image, homework or productivity at work is not perfect, then you must change in order to get better. Accepting change and imperfection is most important so you can evolve out of the darker sides of this challenging aspect. This darker side can include, stubbornness, domination, manipulation, possessiveness, jealousy, and spying. You may experience this in yourself or through friends, family, and partners.
   Your strong need for deep understanding and the truth, are complemented by your talents for research and investigation, the uncovering of secrets and sometimes occult or psychic ability. These assets are your tools for transformation, to evolve out of the darkness of suspicion and mistrust, conflict and aggressiveness, or self-destruction through addictions such as opiates.
     You may experience a major crisis in your life which forces your hand to make a major change. Even then, there will still be more change in your life. This is a lifelong process because of an inner need to work hard and aim for perfection.
# People born under a challenging aspect between the Sun and Pluto are prone to inner tension and negative, self-destructive behavior. When things are going well, they suffer from fears that something will come along to change that. Their thought patterns can be negative, and if not kept in check, they can seriously undermine their happiness. Constantly worrying that the rug will be pulled from under their feet can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sun-Pluto have tremendous power and strength-when they learn to accept and use that strength, instead of fear it, they are some of the most effective, insightful, helpful, and healing people around!
    One of the most prominent characteristics of these aspects is the tendency to be intensely dissatisfied with their personal accomplishments and expressions of self. These people put a lot of pressure on themselves regarding their own endeavors. A child, for example, with a challenging Sun-Pluto aspect may work hard at a piece of artwork, decide it's not right, destroy it, and start all over again. This same child will be especially disturbed if they feel people are watching as they create their artwork. This is a simple example, but it's quite descriptive of the tendency for these people to be dissatisfied with their creative self-expressions, and to want to hide their expressions from others until they feel the output is "right". This is largely due to a perceived inability to express or reveal their true personalities to others. They experience a simultaneous urge to express themselves and to hide themselves. They struggle with a deep need to control themselves and life itself. Rarely are Sun-Pluto people completely satisfied with themselves. They are especially sensitive to criticism, and feel the need to "redo" themselves often. There is a marked fear of losing control, and this might stem from some traumatic event in childhood, or the childhood might have been crisis-ridden or emotionally-charged in general. As such, these people are often intensely fearful of, or threatened by, change. This can express itself through attempts to control their lives such that they can manage their fears of being taken off guard. Of course, this generally backfires!
      Another characteristic of these aspects is an intense need for privacy. They fear being exposed or invaded. Again, this is an expression of their dissatisfaction with the self they are projecting, and they are generally uncomfortable with their evolving ego. They seem to undergo many identity crises, and they feel the need to control what others know about them and think about them. Their fear of exposing themselves might cause them problems with others, who may begin to mistrust them, presuming that if they are so protective of their privacy, they must have something sinister to hide. The truth is, they struggle with a dissatisfaction with themselves and their fear of being exposed is really about a fear of being vulnerable, as well as a manifestation of their own identity crisis.
        These people are quick to read between the lines. They need to be careful, however, to avoid reading negative or dark things into situations or people. They need to know that if their tendency is to hunt for dark "truths" rather than unbiased truths, this is a self-destructive behavior that stems from fear. Many people with these aspects are overly attached to things, habits, people, and their past. At the root of this is an intense fear of change that would threaten to make them vulnerable. Still, Pluto's goal is to transform through change. Inevitably, Sun-Pluto people will have to face their fear of change and accept that they need change in order to grow.
      We all have a dark, irrational side, but people with Sun-Pluto in hard aspect are forced to confront it and integrate it into their personalities. It can be a challenging process, especially because the Sun rules all that is "light" - the rational, conscious mind. The Sun is noble and righteous by nature. Aligned with Pluto, it can have a hard time accepting the darker, intense, and often irrational Pluto energies into one cohesive whole. This is the challenge that Sun-Pluto face. If these people find themselves using manipulative tactics to get their way, or attempting to control others through subversive tactics, it is a clear cue that they are mishandling Pluto energies. It is a powerful indication that their self-image is low. There is little satisfaction derived from getting our way through manipulation. It only serves to make us feel less effective in the long run and on a personal level. If I were to win a favor by using subversive tactics, what will it prove to me? It will reinforce my feeling that I am not effective just by being myself. And, effectiveness is something Sun-Pluto craves.
    Especially with the opposition, these people might attract manipulative, possessive, or jealous people into their lives. With the square, there is more of a tendency to attract dangerous or upsetting situations in the life. Either way, these people need to get in touch with the reason why they are attracting these people and situations. In all likelihood, they are not handling their own fears effectively, and they feel they are not in control of their lives, and a looping pattern is thereby created. They eventually come to realize that they are very strong people with enormous resilience. They need to identify with, face, and accept their "dark" side. Self-acceptance is the key to handling this aspect. Channeling Pluto energy into constructive channels is also important.

Mercury square or opposition Uranus
#You possess a quick mind, you are very intuitive, and you require a great deal of mental stimulation to keep from feeling bored. Preferring to be self-directed, you don't always take advice easily. There is a part of you that loves to shock, challenge, and instigate with the things you say; however, this may not be a conscious process. Your mental energy and output is extremely variable-one day you might be capable of enormous effort and interest in a project, and the next day the opposite. This is largely due to the fact that you feel a strong need to be true to your instincts and intuition, and if you are not absolutely inspired, you don't feel right working on a project-you might feel that you are "faking" it, and this doesn't sit well for you. The problem is that in life there are always going to be routine tasks to complete, things we have to do that don't entirely suit our interests, and so forth.  
     Your attention span can be short, and as a result, you might often leave projects unfinished. At times you can have an irritable temper and need to channel some of your nervous energy into constructive pursuits. Take time to reflect on what you truly believe in, because many times you are too busy challenging established thought, or playing devil's advocate, to get in touch with your own opinions and feelings. This way, your intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity can come shining through.

Sun square Mars
# Personality difficulties that need to be acknowledged and overcome may relate to an impulsive, over-confident, argumentative, brash and self-centered attitude. This creates general social difficulties and strained relations with others. A positive, creative outlet should be found to channel your energy
# There is an unmistakable competitiveness and a "me-first" attitude with those who have Sun square or opposition Mars in their natal charts. The fighter persona is most apparent in youth, when the child is described as a "bundle of energy", or it is remarked that he or she "can't sit still". The abundant energy generated by the hard aspects (especially the square) between the Sun and Mars is hard to direct in childhood. Later in life, ideally, those with these aspects have learned to channel some of their excess energy into productive avenues-perhaps through career, sports, or any area where competitiveness is considered an asset. Nevertheless, people with these aspects can meet up with more than their share of conflict, and they can most certainly rub people the wrong way. They are very motivated to get things done, to take action rather than simply talk about something, and to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Those who know them quite well might describe these people as hot-headed and temperamental at times. They are easily frustrated, and they're given to impulsive actions and assertion of their wills. If the aspect is found in cardinal signs, it gives impulsiveness and a short temper.
     Essentially, those with Sun square Mars in their charts have faced conflict and are not particularly afraid of it. They have faced having their need to assert themselves blocked. Their parents may have done as much as they could to "tame" what they felt to be excess energy or aggression. In other words, they know all about conflict and blockages, so that when they are faced with a challenge or a roadblock, they don't run away from it or hide under the covers feeling sorry for themselves. They meet challenges head-on.
     Sun opposition Mars people are more confrontational and argumentative than active. In youth, they might feel that they often face anger from others. They might see the Mars energy as coming from the outside. If and when they face the fact that the aggression is actually a part of their own personalities, they are more equipped to direct the competitive energy into productive avenues.

Sun trine Neptune
There is an unmistakably dreamy, inspired, and sensitive side to those born with easy aspects between the Sun and Neptune. A marked appreciation for music and the arts is present. The connection of Neptune with the Sun, which represents the ego and the will, certainly softens some of the hard edges that might be found elsewhere in the chart, adding a sensitive and spiritual dimension to the personality. These people are naturally compassionate, especially those born under the trine. It is so completely natural for them to accept that there is more to the world than what is before their eyes, that they tend to presume everyone must be spiritually-inclined. Of course, they come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in their lives. Their attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked.
    These people are sensitive to those who are suffering, although they are not as easily taken advantage of as those with Sun-Moon challenging aspects. They are humanitarian and often have a special connection with animals. If other aspects and positions in the chart support it, these people are not ones to dominate others or assert themselves to the point of brashness.
# aspect in your personality which is particularly known to inspire and be inspired. The spiritual path of mysticism is often sought, and lots of inspiration comes from the unconscious levels of your being. It supplies with an endless well of answers in the form of imagery, symbols, and metaphors. This is also why you connect very comfortably with your dreams, longings, and ideals pursued in life. At heart, you have a little bit of the mystique about your personality, something nobody can quite define.
    ... it makes you exceptionally open and sensitive and gives you a tendency to see the good in others, which may also leave you blind to reality. It's only because there is a deep part of you that longs for peace and harmony, love and light, gentleness and forgiveness. It could be because you are so close to what you feel could be paradise. This aspect was once described as having the ability to hear the harmony of the spheres. In other words, you are quite sensitive and attuned to this other, more heavenly reality. Moreover, benefits often come through unseen sources, even secretly to aid your purpose.
    Fulfillment through a helping type of role is often sought; you are naturally selfless with a great sensitivity to the needs of others and concern for their welfare. The path of service is a route taken as you're highly sensitized and possess an empathetic and sympathetic character. Soothing to be around; you convey a very loving and accepting side to your personality.
     A love of animals is also thought to be a frequent feature when the Sun and Neptune are aligned. This could be explained by the fact that animals help to alleviate loneliness; they express unconditional love and make us feel accepted. There is something of the same essence in this aspect, a willingness to see beyond appearances and to love no matter what the circumstances. On the whole, though, you're kind and like dealing with others in a non-confrontational manner, preferring to use sensitivity and show a more loving, expansive or generous nature. You often experience great waves of serenity and peace washing over their psyche and a feeling of being one with all and your feelings often guide you towards the right course of action.

North Node conjunct Venus
The north node conjunct Venus synastry aspect indicates a strong pull in the relationship, but at the same time, you might be reluctant to go all in.
    In the birth chart, the north node conjunct Venus natal aspect suggests a life path influenced by beauty and love. However, the north node represents things that are new to you. And what is new requires some practice to master. People with their north node conjunct Venus natal often struggle with the matters of this planet in the beginning.
    With Venus-north node aspects, the planet of love and beauty touches the point that describes the mission of your soul. This can be great and scary at the same time, depending on the chart as a whole. It requires effort to make the most out of it.
You may form relationships with those who have power and resources. Or you may form relationships with people who can further elevate your social status. You are likely to be socially prominent and will benefit greatly from friends or partners. you will find the needed teachers appearing to help uplift you and bring you closer to your destiny. You easily make connections with others who help you advance toward your mission.
The positive thing about this aspect is that these people are often pleasant, graceful, sexy and affectionate. They can appreciate beauty and they like art. They have a good taste. This harmonious connection forms the focal point of their life and it helps them achieve their goals. They have somewhat feminine radiating power that is very valuable and deserves to be acknowledged and developed.

The negative side of this aspect is that it can be difficult for these people to find inner peace because their love life is in constant conflict with the direction of their life. They can experience feelings of unfulfillment and they may have great need for affection that is very hard to satisfy.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune
# ...confers extreme sensitivity to intuitive impressions. It is an excellent aspect for idealistic pursuits such as philosophy, mysticism, music, poetry and art. You may possess some form of psychic ability that can be used for the benefit of others. The danger with this placing is the possibility of losing touch with reality and living in a self-deluded, unrealistic dream world.
Jupiter conjunct Neptune natal makes you a devoted, generous, ethical and spiritual person. You are enthusiastic and optimistic about being the best person you can and making the world a better place. This idealistic conjunction gives you the ability to understand abstract theories and merge them into your wide and comprehensive knowledge.
    You have an amazing imagination and a willingness to believe just about anything but over-optimism should be avoided. Although you enjoy an above-average amount of good fortune, you should avoid gambling. A tendency to see only the positive side of any situation can lead to loss and embarrassment.
    You may a warped sense of humor, be addicted to extravagance, and perhaps have a linking for mind-altering substances. At times you may become selfish, somewhat irrational, and prone to error. You are able to use abstract ideas to make other people do just about anything you wish. Therefore, being ethical and considerate of others is important in the karmic sense.

Jupiter sextile Chiron
#'re a brilliant teacher or guide. You convey your ideas in a compassionate, understanding, and positive way. It's almost effortless to understand others' perspectives. You teach or guide gently.
    You feel extra compassion for the underdog and the misunderstood. Sharing your ideas, thoughts, and experiences can be therapeutic. You're particularly offput by hypocrisy, and you're willing to learn, change, and grow. You aim for more mindfulness, and you can thoroughly enjoy experiences that raise your consciousness.
    This aspect is one indicator of a positive mindset-you pick yourself up from a fall quickly. You might have an early experience of a limitation that taught you that you can rebound from a setback stronger than you were before. You're resourceful.
# ...indicates an uncommon potential to access the Wounds, blockages and unresolved issues of our early childhood and/or our Inner Child.The degree to which we actually Heal and resolve these things will depend on our willingness and intention to do so and upon the other aspects in our charts, particularly those to Chiron.The specific expression of our Wounds and issues and/or their Healing results will vary accordingly.
     The Wounds, blockages and unresolved issues of our Childhood and/or Inner Child are very close to the surface with this aspect, but in a more harmonious and less confronting way than with, say, Chiron in opposition to Jupiter.However, this does not necessarily make it easier for us.The Healing journey always requires effort, intention and a wish to Heal.And there is always the possibility of emotional backlash and violence arising from childhood Wounds and issues.
    This aspect is a welcome addition to the chart of a potential Healer, particularly if it is part of a grand trine.It provides access to early childhood Wounds and Inner Child issues.This is one of the first steps in the journey of Healing and the evolution of consciousness. Lastly, this aspect can be a tacit indication of considerable work already done on Healing and the evolution of consciousness in past lives.

Saturn square Nodes
With North Node square Saturn, this suggests you have learnt a good dose of Saturnine attitudes. While this can come out in a positive way, it is a potentially constricting aspect right from the start, due to the limiting and pessimistic nature of old, worrying Saturn.
    You may have rigid habits or outlook, and your ambitions may be so far removed from what is the accepted norm by modern society that you could create a world of isolation, detached from life, ignoring social duties. This is potentially the hardest past-life life influence from which to escape.
   It is easy for you to become stubborn or stuck in the past. You are bound to the old methods and mindsets, having many connections with elders. The house placement of Saturn shows where ideas or attitudes of the past keep them a prisoner. Your outlook may be gloomy, pessimistic or you may appear as miserly or selfish.
Major circumstances in your past life or early childhood may have caused you to develop a restricted, cynical worldview. Your judgmental, overly traditional, sour outlook will inspire much opposition in others.
    Working on the positives of Saturn discipline, responsibility, organization and respect for boundaries, it provides the opportunity to do work of such remarkable mastery, precision, and expertise you can be in a class of your own, where the competition simply cannot touch you. 
Saturn square the Moon's Nodes suggests that you have difficulty pursuing your life's destiny lesson and/or properly utilizing your karmicly derived talents and resources while at the same time developing/employing self-discipline and/or a sense of limits and organization. Paradoxically, it is just these Saturnian skills that are likely to assist you in fulfilling the destiny symbolized by the Nodes. You tend to concentrate either on your past/destiny or on learning the lessons symbolized by Saturn's placement. Both are manifestations of karmic imperatives, and therefore this configuration suggests that you bear conflicting karmas in this life.
   Your strongest tendency is likely for you to become absorbed in the Saturnian sphere-issues that revolve around self-discipline, structure and organization, overcoming insecurity and dealing with life's karmic lessons. In becoming so self-absorbed in this area of life, however, you are in danger of losing your opportunity to pursue a unique destiny or to make full use of your talents and resources. You may not pursue these opportunities due to over caution or lack of spontaneity. If, on the other hand, you force yourself to focus on matters of destiny or developing your talents, you may find yourself hampered by insufficient discipline and organization, or by your need to overcome severe obstacles.
Transcendent Potential
You can realize the transcendent potential of Saturn square the Moon's Nodes when, through struggling with the challenge presented by this configuration, you perceive the karmic (and practical) links between the development of the Saturnian function, your destiny and your wise use of natural talents and resources. You recognize that, at a level of increased awareness, you must attend to the Nodal imperatives within a structured and super-ego contained environment. Therefore, you must develop strength, order and self-discipline.
    You also perceive that in developing your Saturnian qualities, you are making necessary progress toward the goals of achieving your life destiny and employing your karmic resources properly. Yet, you are aware of the distinctions among these three functions and you provide a space for each in your life and psyche. As you diligently focus on integrating these tasks, the balancing that you must achieve among them becomes easier.
    Without a strong will or sense of yourself beyond your ego-persona, you will likely become compulsively absorbed in your Saturn function. Thus, Saturnian qualities are likely to be pronounced in your personality, especially the more negative characteristics such as rigidity, rule-bound conformity, and authoritarianism. Another reaction you may have is to sink into your insecurity. In this state, you may cast the blame on others for your failure to achieve your destiny or to exercise your talents. You may have a highly critical nature. Your criticism may become more aggressive due to your innate sense of your own weakness, which sets you up into a defensive mode.

Juno trine Uranus
# Uranus always has to be Different. When Juno aspects Uranus, the partner or the partnership has to be different. With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) you don't get into as much trouble. The partner will tend to be independent, or very bright, or a bit odd. The partnership itself will likely be more "open" with each partner doing their own thing and going their own way. Uranus is fanatic about having enough of its own space.
...don't rush into marriage. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. It would bore you to tears - and divorce. Make sure that you and your partner each has enough "space." It helps if one of you travels a lot (Uranus aspects are perfect for bi-costal marriages). Absence for this combination truly makes the heart grow fonder.
# This person feels comfortable on their own to be honest. A struggle is to commit to others, sacrifice, and give time and energy to another. This isn't out of selfishness but independence is easy. Typical relationships don't feel easy. They need a bond to feel different. They need a soul mate who can mentally fascinate them.  

Our Relationship - The Composite Chart

Sun - The Purpose of the relationship
1.32 Aquarius.
Unconventionality will be the exploration for this relationship, so new business models, funky living arrangements, and free-flowing structures with plenty of room for new ideas are required.
This relationship must. have. freedom. If you have a connection with this Sun, know that it will be engaging, thrilling, but also, depending on who you are, potentially traumatic. Stagnation, rigidity, or intellectual repression will destroy this relationship.

Moon - Emotional responses and needs
A Composite Moon in Aries can point to a very emotionally expressive and open relationship, but there can also be quite a bit of impatience and the desire to air grievances right away, without allowing them time to be understood. Emotional impulsiveness can be exciting, but also problematic. Sometimes, if the Composite Moon is challenged, there can be a lot of emotionality but not a lot of understanding. Look to the individual charts to see who might have a hard time with this kind of emotional excitement and who might understand it and feed off it. A possible solution for this position if it is found to be a challenging one is to spend some time apart periodically so that you don't burn each other out and it can feel fresh again. 

Mercury - Mode of communication
29 Capricorn
Mercury in Capricorn: Keep it to the point, and try to address issues in small and easily managed chunks.
This is a more pragmatic place for Mercury which can be very good for communicating about things that are more serious in nature. You may enjoy talking about work, business or principals. The good thing about this placement is that you won't likely have many compulsive or heated conversations but you might tend to be too serious. Other aspects always apply and most people have more than just one aspect to Mercury in the Composite but this is generally speaking Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which adds a calm and cooling effect to the sign or planet. So there is a tendency to be mature or grown up in your communication. The difficulty might be in expressing emotional issues but again other aspects apply.  

Venus - values and ideals
25 Sagittarius
This Venus wants to be free-to grow, travel, and explore. Couples with this placement will love traveling together, exploring spiritual awakening, or being in nature. They may be great companions but need the freedom to do their own thing in order to maintain harmony and peace. They will be joyful with each other and have a love of play. Because of the growth goal, they can find themselves parting ways if both can't continue to grow in the relationship.
This relationship thrives on late night philosophical debates, shared adventures and leaps of faith, possibility and miracles. Sagittarius is the sign of freedom- spiritual, intellectual, physical - and you both need to experience that freedom apart, and together. Your magic and faith in each other is restored through culture shock, encounters with the pleasurably exotic and erotically different.

Mars - Mode of expressing energy and will
3 Capricorn
Mars here wants to build a relationship of substance and integrity. It is likely to last a long time if you put energy towards moving through fears and restrictions. Capricorn is a great repressor, so both individuals will need to make an effort to create a safe space to communicate. This couple may be natural leaders in their community and will express well if they take on projects or businesses together-they just need to make sure to share the power. Sexually, they're not adventurous unless they feel safe, but then, watch out!
Mars in Capricorn is grounded sexual energy. There is a tendency for a high sex drive which may control some decision making at times. This placement needs sex as a way to release pressure present in relationships.

Jupiter - Growing and expanding
5 Scorpio
(Jupiter Scorpios are naturally watchful and can sometimes close themselves off to new ideas or people. This is a defense against feeling vulnerable or lost. Other times, they take risks that end in disaster or overreaction.
But with this Jupiter, they're made of strong stuff, and can usually deal with a lot of drama. They grow by being a kind of chaos alchemist because they are able to handle the truth. They can deal with the disruption that is necessary for change. 

Saturn - Innate limitations, responsibilities and defence mechanisms
28 Cancer
This couple may have brought many fears and limiting beliefs from their families of origin to the relationship. Now Saturn will ask that they "grow up" and become emotionally self-reliant. This can be a challenging but rewarding placement because so many of us are depend on our partners emotionally. If the couple has the courage to meet their needs from within, this Saturn can create a steady, mature family life and emotional resiliency.
Composite Uranus in Scorpio (or the eighth house) symbolizes a relationship that is willful with an eclectic sense of shared values and an unusual emotional connection. There is likely to be an undercurrent of feelings between you, which may in fact uncover each partner's secret depths. Shared finances are also apt to fluctuate. Your relationship also has the potential for dramatic eruptions under stress, whether physical, financial or emotional. In a romantic relationship the emotional stress that you feel from time to time may be part of the charm of the connection. Sexual passion may have a fitful quality to it, with great intensity at times, and also times when you need to take space from each other. You may also feel that you are psychically linked, and be able to tune in on each other's feelings from a distance. You may also experience joint loss through the sudden departure or unexpected death of a loved one. If so, such a trial may serve an underlying purpose in your shared life and go a long way to deepen intimacy and understanding between you. As a partnership, you share a keen intuition and great power to transform yourselves and your relationship as you evolve. You also may share an unconventional fascination with sexuality, or issues of death and rebirth. Your relationship exists in part to enable each of you to discover new dimensions of your individual emotional experience. 

Chiron - Vulnerability
27 Aries
...indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for the two of you to face and heal deeply held wounds with regard to your vital force to be and to initiate within the relationship.

Uranus - Strive for change and progress
4 Scorpio

Neptune - Collective fantasies
12 Sagittarius

Pluto - survival instinct, supportive/destructive 
10 Libra

Juno - the nature of the couples' relationship
16.40 Leo
(bold, expressive and charismatic
star quality
showy qualities, be creative, or be very playful)  


...when a Sun-Saturn square appears in the composite chart, the relationship cannot go into psychotherapy. The relationship cannot say, of its own volition, "I'm going to work on these feelings of limitation and self-doubt." The relationship does not "feel" self-doubt. Both individuals can work on their own Saturns. But neither may have a Sun-Saturn square, and neither may really understand why, when they are together, something in the relationship thwarts and frustrates their joint goals. The external limitations which often accompany a composite Sun-Saturn may seem strangely impersonal and beyond one's control.

The impersonal feeling of the composite may be very uncomfortable for us if we are psychologically inclined, because psychological astrology implies individual responsibility and a belief that we can change many things in our lives if we are prepared to do the inner work. Because we view the birth chart as an inner picture, we can take responsibility for how we express it, and consciousness can make a huge difference. A psychological approach to astrology allows us to transform many things if we make sufficient effort. But one can be deluded by the fantasy that one can change anything, and some things lie beyond the individual's scope of influence.

A composite will not say, "This is a bad relationship - get out of it." But it may say, "This relationship has got an inherent restriction which neither person is going to be able to alter. If you want this relationship, accept this issue." If the composite chart has a Sun-Saturn square or a Sun-Chiron conjunction, it contains built-in limits, often of a very concrete kind. These limits may prove to be creative and positive for either or both individuals. But they feel as though they have been imposed on us. A Sun-Saturn square or a Sun-Chiron conjunction in the natal chart also contains built-in limits, but we experience them differently.

Let's take composite Sun-Chiron aspects. I have seen these many times when a relationship involves the unavoidable inclusion of limits from the past. The past may be an ex-partner who wants big maintenance payments, or it may be children from a former marriage. These situations can cause a lot of pain, especially where children are involved, because no matter how mature and conscious the two people are, there will be conflicts, divided loyalties, hurt feelings, and perhaps also financial restrictions. It is not a question of altering attitudes; a priori families, for any couple, are a built-in fact which will always impose limits.

We know that Chiron is connected with experiences of wounding, particularly those which seem unfair and unmerited, and which are a product of the state of the collective at the time rather than some particular person's fault or act of malice. Sun-Chiron contacts in a composite suggest that the relationship itself carries an unhealable wound, usually from the past of both parties, or from the nature of the world in which the two people are living. At the same time, the relationship may provide deep healing for both people, or for others who come in contact with the couple, because the inherent limits invoke suffering and consequent understanding and compassion.

Both people may be hurt through the relationship, not because it is "bad", but because there is something about the way the relationship "sits" in the collective which limits its possibilities. 

I am not saying that it is a static picture. As far as healing is concerned, it depends on what you mean by the word. Chiron's wounds do not heal in the sense of going away. Something has been permanently twisted out of shape, even if the poison has been released and cleansed. One cannot regain innocence once it has been destroyed by the kind of wounding this planet reflects. But one's attitude toward the wound can change, and greater tolerance, compassion, and wisdom can result. That is a kind of healing; but it cannot undo the past. One cannot, for example, make one's children by a former partner vanish in a puff of smoke. (



With Composite Sun conjunct Composite Mercury, this can bring a lot of mental energy into the relationship, and you can be very engaging with one another, open about everything, and constantly expressing yourselves with one another. You may feel that your minds are on the same page. (Mercury in 29th degree...)
You just may be lazier together, or irresponsible at times, so you need to be more considerate. (Sun square Jupiter)
With Composite Sun square or opposite Composite Saturn, you each may find that the relationship is too limiting and restricting, suffocating you. The responsibilities may overwhelm you, or you're each too afraid to take steps necessary. These aspects can lead to a lot of conflict, so you have to manage the weight of the relationship.
Composite Sun square or opposite Composite Uranus, this can be an unsettling relationship, chaotic at times, and it may not be very healthy for either of you. These aspects require something to ground the two of you together, otherwise you can be left perpetually spinning.  

Composite Mercury square or opposite Composite Saturn, communication can be extremely limited or completely cut off, and you don't know how to talk to one another. You may feel judged by the other person, and hold yourself back from speaking. More openness is required. 

Composite Mars sextile or trine Composite Jupiter, you can help one another to achieve your goals and have the experiences that you want to have in life.
Composite Mars sextile or trine Composite Uranus, there can be a lot of changes in the relationship and of yourself, and it can be in a healthy way.

Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Uranus, there can be a lot of space in the relationship for each of you to do your own thing and be true to who you are as individuals, but it may be too much space if you're not careful. You can easily float away from one another, so try to maintain a connection. This can be a beneficial aspect for you both, and you can have more success together.

With Mercury in hard aspect to Saturn, whatever the person says and writes is self-censored to some degree. It's hard for these people to pour out their emotions, no matter how emotional or needy they feel on the inside. This is because they are always aware of what others might think of them with what they say. They are not necessarily deliberate talkers or thinkers. In other words, they don't always pick and choose their words carefully or speak slowly. However, they are careful with what they reveal to others. They make plenty of disclaimers, and often come across as negative or sarcastic without intending to. These are people who review conversations they've had with others, and who often kick themselves for saying something they didn't intend to, or for not saying something witty. Saturn tends to have a hobbling effect, and when it's attached to the planet of communication in hard aspect, there can be some feelings of insecurity about how we speak and communicate in general. These people tend to worry about what they've said and how they could have said it better. Some older astrology texts suggest that there can be learning disorders or "slowness" with this aspect, but this is rarely the case. In fact, many people with this aspect are very strong academically. The flow of their communication is blocked in some manner, however, and this is due to an automatic "self-censoring" tendency. Self-consciousness and hypersensitivity is experienced with regards to their intelligence and ability to get ideas across to others, especially in youth. These people need plenty of positive feedback from others in order to feel more confident and less "blocked".
   We often tell our kids "don't worry about what others think", but telling this to a person with a hard Saturn aspects is not enough, nor is it realistic. They will worry. Instead, I have found that the best way to handle difficult Saturn aspects is to get objective feedback from others! Mercury-Saturn people don't accept compliments whole-heartedly, yet they crave them and need them. Others around them tend to stop complimenting them, feeling that they either don't need compliments or don't want to hear them. Nothing can be further than the truth!
 In some ways you are a loner. This is likely because your greatest feelings of security arise from a job well done. Be sure to exercise caution in entering into contracts. Don't overlook the important details that can boomerang against you later.  
     You sometimes come across as more stern or harsh than you actually are! There is likely to be a negative or sarcastic style to your speech that you may not always be aware of, but that others pick up quickly. You will find that others often misunderstand your intentions rather easily, or that you misrepresent yourself unwittingly. You often kick yourself for saying (or, more often, not saying) something after a conversation is over.

Mercury Opposition Saturn
Ability to concentrate can bring results, although usually alone
• Others with opposing ideas challenge your plans
• Mental frustration, not being understood or being isolated
• Sad, pessimistic thoughts• Negativity
• Critical communication about long-term plans and projects
• Pessimism about organizations
• Communication suffers, or is delayed
• Over serious thoughts and messages
• Negativity, either your own thoughts, or others oppose you
• Not good for making decisions about long-term plans, investments, or signing anything.

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