Wild Card, Voodoo Tarot


Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.

"No walls, however thick or rich or well protected, can stop or even slow its process."

Death and rebirth.
Nature can never truly be controlled.
When change is needed, change will happen.
You can learn through joy (acceptance) or through fear (resistance).

I have a suspicion that things are not totally to your liking and comfort (P5 yesterday).
Maybe even your safety feels threatened.
Maybe you're truly disturbed by all that's happening around you. 
By the impossibility to shield and protect yourself from it.
And many a question about a truly uncertain future.
Nowhere to escape to.

Oh, how little it helps to worry!

This too shall pass. 
That much is certain!

There's no way to control what's happening in your life now.
Let it come, and respond as needed - from case to case, moment to moment!

It might be a time where "great spiritual offerings" are needed, and it might be that you wont be allowed to choose them.
And it might be of importance not to get lost in trivial matters, or what catches your eye - reality is so much more than what happens along the horisontal time line.

"A vertical Perspective will keep us from horizontal panic."

Deck: New Orleans Voodoo Tarot
Theme: "sacrifice, or you have to give (offer) to receive"
Card: Les Barons - Wild Card
"Death as the great equalizer, pricking vanities both large and small"
"Extreme unexpected turn of events; a sense of humor pulls one through dire circumstances"

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