Veto of Cups, Golden Age of Hollywood


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"An usher showing you the theater doors are closing" 


Who is this usher?
Is it actually a door being closed before you, or is it your ego firmly closing it?!
Is it true that you're not emotionally ready to go there, or is it your managers and protectors just stating stuff like this, without even giving you an explanation (the veto theme)?
Just saying NO, as that's the right and duty of almighty care givers, which they perceive them selves to be.

For your own good, of course.
To keep you safe.
Keeping you 'on the safe side of the door'.
They make this effort for you.
They close doors - for your sake.
To keep you from being hurt, from taking on too much.
You should be grateful.


Safety is very important when healing trauma.
But are your protectors acting based on (hi)story and fear of it repeating, or your actual needs in the present?

Maybe it's not a matter of figuring the door thing out, but rather get to know your inner family better.
Get beyond this veto mentality. 
It is neither a matter of quietly submitting to their opinions and/or decisions, nor defiantly resisting them and/or doing the total opposite - mirror the 'talk to the hand veto approach'.
It's first and foremost about communication and attunement, and NOT about 'making a decision' or decide which action' as fast as possible.
Unblending from your parts. 

The door is just an outside event revealing to you were you're not free :) 

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