Valiant Courage, Sacred Traveler Oracle


Act Nurture your passion, and act only from passion!

Not as in letting spicy desire guide your actions, but as in acting from the core of your being, your personal creativity, and from (unconditional) love!

As there have been a couple of reversed Fools lately and this card came up in reverse too, I'm assuming it's mostly about getting to really know your passion and creativity.
One step at the time, in alignment with your soul!

The theme of the year.
Acting in alignment with core values and passion - the year of The Lovers (6)!

So, go nurture that passion and creativity of yours! Bask in the feeling and knowing that something matching it will turn up - probably when you least expect it!

Do not act in haste, but "Don't play safe" either.
Nurture your passion and unique kind of creativity even if it's "out there".
Honor YOUR truth - and live by it.
That's courage (and inspires courage) :)

Learn to feel and know the difference between 'not in alignment' and 'fear of X'.
No rush - the universe keeps what is yours safe until you are ready!

Deck: Sacred Traveler Oracle
Theme: "Life is the journey, not the destination!"
Card: Valiant Courage
"go forward gallantly with your banner of truth waving in the wind."
"It's okay to feel afraid, just don't let it stop you."

It's ok to be a Scared Traveler - most are from time to time - the important thing is to move through the fear (guided by your heart), and not let it stop you :)

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