Two of Wands, Tarot of the Dead


Easy on the sharing!

I see this card, and think of 'correspondence'.
In combination with how this card (traditionally) often speak of 'planning'.

In some way you're probably in a transition phase now. Something old is leaving, making space for something new. A rebirth.
A transformation. (Deck theme)

Give the transition space. Don't dissect it just yet. No need to analyse what's been, or hurry on to the next.
No need to search for deeper meanings. 
And also - refrain from sharing, making decisions or writing up plans.
Just be. 

Be with your body experiences. Your sensations.
Shifts are happening, can you feel them?
How does it feel?

Not what you think you feel!
Not what you think your sensations mean!
Ask if the dissecting parts in you can step aside for a bit :)

What do you feel, where do you feel it, how does it feel?
Does it change when you are curious about it?
Does it change if you touch the place?
Can you move in a way that shifts the sensation in one way or the other?

Easy on the talking and creating narratives about it with you 'meaning making machine' (your brain) :)

Deck: #TarotOfTheDead

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