Two of Wands, Magical Dogs Tarot


Don't get bogged down in doubt and indecision!

It doesn't matter if you don't know where you're heading, or where you want to 'end up' - you only have to take the next step!
Even if it seems to be a 'hard one', and that you don't 'have all the facts', you know...
Take the path most in alignment with your values!

If you wait or too long, you will risk ending up feeling overwhelmed. 
"What if:s" may pile up in your head, and you mind might fool you into thinking you're being super active if doing pro-con lists, - when in truth that just procrastination and fear talking, as you most probably KNOW which direction is the most right and loving one.
But you're afraid where it may lead you, so you want to "prepare" just a little bit more.

Take that next step already!
It's not that you have to RUN, just move, and keep the energies flowing!
It's not that you should stop thinking, but it's not necessary to stop and think before each step!
Especially not to second guess your direction every single moment, convincing yourself that you're in front of a cross road all the time, having to make 'the best choice'!

In the card it looks like both paths might just lead end up in the same valley, that is: don't make next step to such a big deal!
Stay true/loyal to your inner fire/heart you will end up where you're meant to end up, learning what you need to know on the road!
Standing still - you get nowhere :)

Deck: Magical Dogs Tarot
Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"
Card: Two of Fire (R)
"It's good to spend time in the planning phases, but once you have all the information, you'll have to make a decision"
Don't "let yourself get bogged down in indecision"

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