Two of Cups + The Hermit, Alchemy England + Chalice


You might be pulled in different directions today.

2oC is a nice and pleasant card isn't it?!
But it's from the "dark forces pulling" deck.

You know you have to focus on and take care of yourself (see yesterday's card), but 'loyalty' may distract you today.
The second deck is "the family deck".

You may get an invitation from a close friend or a family member you feel that you 'should' say yes to or have troubles saying no to, because of some survival pattern (pleasing, unhealthy attachment style, etc). Feeling that it would be nice with company and not 'have to sit with yourself', or unable to say no to someone else wanting company (maybe of the same reason (:).

There's an uncomfortable energy over the cards.
Fertile soil for JABS, an excellent term coined by #TheAnxietyMD
You may be pulled towards Judging, Abandoning, Blaming or Shaming yourself today. 

So, more then other days - don't believe everything you think today :)
And instead of taking the bait, try meeting your thoughts with curiosity. 
"Isn't that interesting?!", as #DrAimie advice us say!

Don't be afraid to say no today, to spend much needed time with yourself.

"But what if they don't come back?!"
"What will they think...?"

Can you see the fear in those questions? :)
Isn't that interesting?!

Where do you feel the fear in your body?
How does it feel?
NO - Not what you THINK about it, or what you THINK is the cause for it!
How. Does. It. Feel?
Describe it.

Put your hand over it. 
Breath into it.
All is well <3

Deck1: #AlchemyEnglandTarot
Deck2: #ChaliceTarot

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