Transformation + Three of Cups, She Whispers Her Truth + Shadowscape


When transformation means leaving the party!

All relationships or partnerships aren't meant for a lifetime.
And that's fine!
Even if the intention was otherwise.

If you're not on the same frequency, you're not. 
Even if you were :)
Or maybe THOUGHT (or wished or hoped) you were?

Maybe "to be able to leave/break up" is a lesson as important as anyone?
And to do it gracefully with awareness?
Humbly, without blame, without excuses - is that what Whispering a Truth is?

If the other part isn't on the same frequency, it might not feel like a party.
We have to be aware that it might be received as "coming from a blue sky". 
It might trigger Defense Mood.
Hence the importance of No Blame from start to finish.
But for your own sake, also avoiding excuses, as that means shrinking yourself and/or the value of your sensations/feelings/emotions/guidance - your Truth.

Further, C3 has keywords such as Friendship, Partnership, Team Spirit.
Reversed, strengthening the idea that this is what you have to transform out of.
"Three is a crowd", you might be better off without this team!

And maybe a nudge that "sticking out until something better comes along" isn't working.
Sometimes it might, but now you are advised to make room for something better, and trust that it will come!
Time to prove your level of trust!
Or is it just all talk no walk? ;)

Deck: She Whispers Her Truth
Card: Transformation
"Shedding what no longer serves me is the catalyst to allow what I want to enter my life"

Deck: Shadowscape
Theme: "no turning back"
Card: Three of Cups (R)

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