Three of Swords, Vampyres Tarot


I read, "a negative energy may be separating us from our happiness"

Growth beyond comfort zone.
The ego can be rather resistant to leaving a comfort zone. Especially if having been in it for quite some time, or if leaving it have been hurtful or felt unsafe in the past.
Of course it wants to stop you from leaving the comfort of the known and stepping into the hypothetically dangerous unknown.
But what if what's perceived as comfortable is unhealthy or no longer good for you?!

Further reading;
"Saturn in Libra", heaviness vs sharp directness. 
"over forceful sharp penetration into the feminine mysteries"
"Over intellectualizing or scientific thinking rejects the mysterious"
(As it happens I have my Saturn in Libra)

Trying to find all answers before moving is a common defense mechanism/trauma response of the ego - and it dresses it in words like "healthy reasoning/prevention/caution", while forcefully overriding the intuitive knowing and curiosity! 

Now it may be that you've already been robbed of 'comfort' in some way - hence the suffering and sense of loss (trad S3).
But as #PeterCrone so wisely says:
"I didn't lose my parents, they died!"

You didn't 'lose comfort', it was taken away from you - most probably because it was no longer a healthy place to be, or because it's time to... #expand - the reason why we're all here!

"Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free."
"What happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way... because it didn't."  

The aforementioned negative energy separating you from your happiness is most likely your ego/thoughts (swords) (possibly MIRRORED in outside events/people) - aka healthy trauma response.
Time to heal, and dare moving forward into a (equally probable) hypothetically happy future!

Deck: VampyresTarot
Theme: "energy drainage"
Card: Three of Swords (R)

#TarotCollection #CardOfTheDay #healing #expansion #intuition #courage #soulalignment #guidance #curiosity #responsibility

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