Three of Swords, Sirian Starseed Tarot


Pain with no personal past.

Sometimes you have to move through the pain. 
Sometimes there's nothing to 'face' about the pain.
There's no particular 'past' attached to the pain.
Like for the baby in the birth canal.
MAN, what a narrow, uncomfortable path, and - at face value - "painful separation".
But quite necessary, for further development.

"invites us to conquer the mind's focus on pain and loss"
and to "transform our thoughts into acceptance and forward motion"

The soul attracts to it what it needs.
For our personal growth, and for the expansion/evolution of consciousness collectively speaking.

"When you realize it's not personal, there is no longer a compulsion to react as if it were."
Eckhart Tolle.

Whatever you're going through, it's not personal. It's just....the way it is.
Act from a knowing that everything is in perfect order.
The universe always is.

Deck: Sirian Starseed Tarot
Theme: "a word from the collective unconscious"
Card: Three of Orbs
"What fear of separation is causing you to suffer?"
Separation being one of yesterday's themes. 

There is, and cannot be, any separation. Not really. 
That's hard for the mind to grasp sometimes.
Those times, the best thing might just be to "act as if". 
Instead of dwelling on the feeling of separation/loss/pain, or trying to "find the source/cause of it" - move forward in KNOWING there is no separation. KNOWING everything is in perfect order. 
Everything and everyone is a part of the whole.
Equally essential for the whole.

Move on.
As in 'move forward'.
This too shall pass.
But not if you stand still :)

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