Three of Swords + Five of Swords, Today's Journey + Meryl


Quite the scen, huh?

We have a distressed lady who has been stood up in the first card, and a lady who has defeated a guy in the second.

Key themes in the first card, according to the LWB.
* expectations can lead to disappointments
* separation from desire
* her way of thinking has created her sorrow
* she did not choose her situation, but she have chosen her unhappiness
* Time to rethink - what happened may turn out to be the best thing for you

But man did she not rethink, she went out and gave that guy what he deserves?!

Or is it that she is stuck in her own experience - focusing on (turned towards) that experience of separation - and unable to even consider that there might be a reason for the "ghosting". Maybe something terrible has happened, maybe his stuck with grief? Maybe he has a trauma of his own, and just didn't have the courage or strength to show up.

Yes. It really is hard to just "rethink" sometimes. When it hurts, when what's happening is triggering deep trauma wounds, when something painful in your past seems to repeat itself (here: a sense of being left out, forgotten, ignored, neglected, diminished in some way).
But maybe this is a time to 'act like you can'?
To do the performance of your life, like ever so great Meryl Streep, the "Hollywood's High Priestess" (according the deck box :)).

Shit happens.
All in line with the, by now classic, "Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you are not free." (#PeterCrone )

Use this situation of perceived outside separation to mend the felt separation inside. 
It's not done in a day - hence the 'today's journey is to act, KNOWING it's all for the best, eventually'. There's nothing to "gain" or "win" today. A day to "accept the grief".
Awareness is the first step in the process of healing. 
The actual re-connection might take awhile, depending on how long and deeply you've been separated from yourself and your true identity.

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