Three of Swords + Death, True Black + Gendron


You can only heal a feeling problem through feeling, not through thinking - and once the pain (trauma) is healed (truly felt), you can transition to a new better place!

S3 2nd time in 10 days. 
And again, I love how it fits to the excellent saying of #TheAnxietyMD : "you can think your way out of a feeling problem"!
Trying to think our way out actually make things worse! It feeds the alarm (emotional pain) rather than 'make it go away', as it keeps us up in the head instead of addressing the root cause.

And feeling is what I'm learning to do in the 21 Day journey by #DrAimieApigian I'm currently partaking. 
Feeling and learning how to communicate with and support my body.

This I do parallell with listening to the wisdom of Dr Russell (done with all his podcast guestings, and now athirdway into his book #AnxietyRX ) 
Also dropping in some podcasts with #DrGaborMate who just released a new book, #TheMythOfNormal

It's fascinating how something so truly black ('hard and painful') can be so fascinating, inspiring and induce a sense of creativity and aliveness!
It might be because I have Chiron squaring my nodes :D


Only through 'getting out of our heads' - the stories we tell ourselves (and often, others) - can we flip (reverse) the pain!
Also (very fitting) called 'reverse engineering' :)

Letting the way of trying to 'control our way' forward/through die out, and make room for a more experimental, creative and artful approach. 

Deck: #TrueBlackTarot
Theme: "in darkness, you must navigate by the stars (as you have no 'experience' to trust or go by)" - the stars might be the guidance of physical persons

Deck: #GendronTarot
Theme: "Life is a project of art" - to be experienced, to experiment with

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