Three of Cups, New Vision Tarot


You don't always have to show up - even if it looks like that! 

Time to draw some new boundaries when it comes to relationships, and who you spend your time and share your energy with?
Maybe there's a group or contexts in which you should reduce your involvement?

Knowing the difference when 'divided opinions' can and should be left where they are, and when to 'find common ground' or 'adjust yourself'.
In this case you might just be better off on your own!

If it doesn't feel inspiring and uplifting, giving you some sense of "lightheartedness", consider if it's really for you.

Or maybe it's not about the context being right or wrong, but just a matter of 'not right now'.
About developing a 'New Vision' regarding 'should:s' and other peoples expectations. 
It's ok to say no you know! :) 

Now is really a great moment to practice getting in touch with your 'gut feeling'. You intuition. Your inner knowing. Your higher self.

Consider that your 'no' might be a necessary lesson for both you and the other(s).
You get to practice setting boundaries and taking time for/with yourself - they might get a necessary lesson in patience, or just the opportunity to experience someone setting healthy boundaries (a rather rare thing today :))?

Whatever going on, it's an opportunity to see things in new ways. To 'look behind the scene' as all the cards do in this deck!
There is more going on than meets the eye!

Consider that your withdrawal may change your or someone else's life for the better!
Again, what has been a common thread of sorts these past few days - #NonDoing is also an action!
The capacity to stand still can be powerful. 

Deck: #NewVision
Theme: "looking at it from a new angle/learning new perspectives"
Card: Three of Cups (R)

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