Three of Cups + Five of Pent's, Visconti-Sforza + Cosmic Tribe


Feeling sad over the "cold/unappreciative traditional society/system", and frustrated that it's so hard for us (generally) to "get along" or "see/appreciate each other" for our uniqueness and the fact that we're in this together?!

Then we're two!

Nothing to do but keep being authentic, and the one you want to be - the only thing that will work in the long run, for me, you and for us all.
No matter what happens on the outside.


Tarot often disobeys the laws of probability. 
Cosmic Tribe Tarot.
Got it - the SAME CARD - 10 days ago.


Deck: Visconti-Sforza Tarot
Theme: "the old world - 5-sensory perception"
Card: Three of Cups (R)

Deck: Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Theme: we humans might live on earth, but there's a greater context than that and "let love flourish wherever it goes"
Card: Five of Disks - Worry
"drain[s] your enthusiasm"

Practice (again): be content with (accept) what is.
Anything else is futile.

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