The World, Many Doors Tarot


Something is still to be done.

How amusing!
Yesterday we got the card 'Gateway' - the nearing of a magical portal. 
Today we get Many Doors Tarot :)

We have to persevere just a little longer. 
Not quit halfway, as yesterdays punch-needling Queen was here to teach us.

We're guided to 'finish what we've started'.
Maybe we're getting this little nudge because there's a little temptation to throw in the towel - sneak out through a back door?

Completing the circle (or loop, to use punch needling language :)) without obsessing over the outcome - needing a specific door to open. 
Focusing on the completion each loop - not the resulting artwork. 

Trusting that the right doors will open if we just do our part - trust out guts, and use our own unique tools to the best of our capacity. 
It's not about succeeding or flunking. 
You cannot fail.
Whatever happens opens up is the right path for your continued growth and development. 

Completion isn't just about getting something done - but as much about completing motions, and E-motions. 
The HOW not the WHAT. 
Getting something done in a way that it FEELS complete - to YOU. 
Not just completing something to 'show a result', 'achieve something to show' - to please others, or your own ego or to please your own fears. 

There are so many ways a thing can be done - make sure you do it YOU!
Not to 'stick out', but so that what you do is in alignment with your essence - to the best of your current capacity - don't let perfectionism (fear in disguise) take the leading role :)

Model authenticity to the world!

Deck: #ManyDoorsTarot
Theme: "the future is queer"

Don't take life so seriously ;)
Don't overthink it - LIVE IT!

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