The World, Healing Earth


Wanna get out in the world, and annoyed that were you're on your healing journey don't admit that?

There's yet something to complete before you can head out there again.
Yes, yet another layer of healing.

There's a stronger and more energized version of you waiting to be released.

Again, don't push.
Don't resist.
Don't 'stand strong' - in the traditional sense. 
Remember the massive ship and the cocky roaster yesterday.

Not a day for 'transcending', but rather for 'getting down to earth'. 
Befriend your body and your nervous system.
They are not messing with you, they're trying to talk to you.
Important messages indeed.

Deck: #HealingEarthTarot
Theme: "Healing humankind, one human at the time - starting with yourself"

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