The World, Aleister Crowley Tarot


"This card asks you to come to terms with remote or extreme experiences of life."

"Do not let it overwhelm you. You can choose. When you learn to forgive yourself and others repeatedly, then old tensions dissolve and new opportunities open up."

Learn from the past, but don't drag it with you (or let it drag you down) :)

Forgive doesn't mean forget, it means releasing you attachment. 
"What happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way... because it didn't." ~Peter Crone
You had your experience, and said and did what you did based upon what you knew and had the capacity for at the moment.
Others had their experience, and said or did and acted based upon what they knew - and based on their story, and their trauma history, and ... their level of awareness.

You don't get the change to 'sort everything out', that's life. 
Some things may be sorted out (completed - the traditional The World) eventually, some may not.
Instead of letting this 'remote or extreme' experience hinder you from moving on, take a U(you)-turn and get curious!
What part of you raises it's hand or voice when 'things remains unsolved'? 
Why is 'unfinished business' so heavy on this part?
What is this part protecting you from feeling?

"you can choose how to deal with everything"

Deck: #ThothTarot
Theme: "a higher calling"
Card: The Aeon 

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