The Wheel + The Moon, Silicon Dawn + Friends


"Will you play?"

You don't have to you know.
Everything's changing?
That's ok, you know!
You don't have to spin with it.
You don't even have to 'find the center' of it.
You can chose to merely watch it all!

Let things change, happen, rise, fall.
Just be with it (not IN it).
Ponder over what it feels like inside, rather than focus on eventual chaos outside!

Choose wisely which energies you follow and feed in your life.
And which 'friends' you follow and feed!
Who wants to 'lure you (back) into the world of manipulative games', and who truly listen to and ponder life's mysteries with you?
Who merely wants you for their own amusement and safety, and who wants to truly 'be there for you'?!

Deck: SiliconDawnTarot
Theme: "nonchalance, mishmash, thoughtlessness, lingering bitterness"
Card: Fortune

Deck: FriendsTarot
Theme: "I'll be there for you"
Card: The Moon

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