The Wheel, Sherlock Holmes


"Unpredictable events may prevent you from uncovering the clues."

(Last time: Oct 28th 2021)

Sherlock holds the Bradshaw's Railway Guide.
Life offers a spectacular variety of possible paths to take, and also there 'will always come another train'.
And the train we're on may brake down. We might be stranded for quite some time, though the train 'went on time', 'as planned'.
We just can't 'predict life'.
One have to adjust to the unpredictability of existence.

Or maybe the other way around - life feel a tad monotonous. It's spinning already, but just so freaking slow!!
Again, is it maybe because we're afraid?
Afraid to try a new train?
We take the same train, from the same track, the same time, every day, maybe even sit at the same seat every time?!
Because it's comfortable and... predictable?
Is our situation a consequence of our own choices and our issues with 'the unexpected'?

I think about the two times appearing reversed Page of Wands (declining exploration), and the 'wanting to go out, and disliking to be outside' yesterday.
We're longing for something, but we're afraid to go and get it?

Life can't be deeply exciting and predictable at the same time! Like love and fear can't co-exist.
Controlled excitement, is that truly joy?


Maybe we need to take a closer look at spontaneity and our relationship with 'the unexpected'!
Within our Window of Tolerance - which might be to just think about it for 10 minutes (and then titrate to something safe)! ':)

And by lessen the fixation on a time table where all the trains goes to our liking, in a 'predictable manner'.


I know I have to befriend the concept of unpredictability and 'chaos' for a time now. I have Uranus/North Node on the DC in my solar return - conjunct natal Chiron, yummie!

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