The Tower + Queen of Swords, Pic + Art of Life


Radical change or growth from realizing that nothing is lacking, and that managing unexpected challenges is a part of life!

Two in a row * You might just be in the middle of major character change, due to highly attuned intuitive thinking!

"Sever yourself from ideals and ideas that are stifling you" - you don't have to do everything others thing you should do.
Learning to walk away. Walk your own path. Do things in your own way - the way you were meant to do them. The way only you can do them. 

"Free yourself from false beliefs and overcome constraints."
Finally beginning to know 
Accepting that nothing's wrong. Nothing's lacking. That not everyone must or will like you, what you do, and how you do it - and that's ok!
That you don't have to defend yourself. That you can walk away.
That you can't stand up for yourself without having to 'make other's understand'.
What they understand or don't is none of your business - a choice you can make.
Karma will take care of them (too)!

This is not easy.
There are consequences.
Maybe some quite uncomfortable ones.
But know they are of the kind that they will not 'matter in the long run'!
Or, they are for the best, even if they are painful.

Unexpected forced necessary growth.
Uranus conjunct North Node.

Maybe you've 'lost' something.
But rest assured it is to make room for something better, something different.

"Be content with what you have ... realize that there is nothing lacking."
There never is.
You always have exactly what you need - evolutionary/spiritually speaking. 

Deck: #PicTarot
Theme: "character design"
Card: The Tower R

Deck: #ArtOfLifeTarot
Theme: "the art of living your own life"
Card: Queen of Swords

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