The Tower, Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


"Sometimes we must face painful and seemingly destructive events in order for the path to be cleared"

Burn away no longer required stuff, to allow for fresh growth.
You know, like forest fires are devastating but makes room for a totally new flora and fauna.

Or, maybe we climbed a little to fast, reaching for a little to much too soon, and lost our ground for a little while.
You know, like building a tower too fast, or higher than the surrounding buildings that attract lightning strikes.

Considering the deck theme (in my 'system'), it's something regarding
"Once buried, but found again".

So maybe you lost track of your goal and purpose for a little while, and now got redirected towards it in a less comfortable way.
Some lessons come through feathers, some through 2by4:s :)

Or maybe you're (like me) not even sure what your purpose is and it wasn't you who buried it in the first place. Then a happening like this still serves to direct you toward finding it. Adding one more piece to the puzzle. One more layer of healing. One more round of cleansing.

A lightning strike / flash of insight that can lead to a "reassessment of your life path, beliefs, or intentions"
Or a "painful readjustment" / "something that requires confrontation before peace can result."

One thing is certain - the more we resist it, the more painful it becomes!
So we better befriend that resisting part within, and get curious about what it wants to protect us from from feeling or experiencing :)

Deck: #LostTarotOfNostradamus
Theme: "Once buried, but found again"
Card: The Tower

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