The Sun, Vikings Tarot


Clarity and regained faith is waiting around the corner!

So you have fiery forces pulling in different directions within you, "slowing you down"?
That's perfectly normal!

Befriend them all!
All forces and voices have had a quite important purpose - keeping you alive! Allowing you to survive whatever happened to you in your life. (Voices of fear, resistance, anger, sadness, etc, all most probably come from some form of trauma, se example yesterday)

A trick is to not run over any voices, forces, or as here ... horses ... but harness them to pull in the same direction, once clarity (sun) is achieved.
Clarity can't be forced.
Like the sun, it raises upon you, when you clear you judgments about yourself and your situation.

The forces within you aren't 'slowing you down'!
They want and need to be listened to - as it happens: in the way someone in your childhood and/or someone in your life right now 'isn't capable of see, understand, and listen to you'. 

As Peter Crone says it, 
"Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free."
Another favorite:
"What happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way... because it didn't."
Logic :)

Things might not go as you "wish" - but rest assured there's a reason for it!
Something you need to learn or see about yourself.
It will dawn on you, if you let it.
And then you will feel the power of a thousand horses within you!

Deck: VikingsTarot
Theme: "upholding strength and faith in tough climate"
Card: The Sun
"Solution to problems, collaboration"

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