The Sun, Cosmic Tribe Tarot


"Let the Sun illuminate your true priorities"

The reminder and importance of when, why, how, where stands!
To not get lost in wishes, wants, thoughts and mere will power.

A sun shining bright.
On all creatures and life forms in this great cosmic tribe, on this big watery globe we call Earth!
We're all in this together!

Radiate who you are and what you stand for.
Maybe it's more about shining your essence than about doing?
And about lightning up every corner of yourself. 
To let all parts of you "come out of the closet of shame and self-doubt".
Let you essence - and not your ego - guide you!

Enjoy every sprout of vitality you feel - and learn to know the difference between giving it away and #sharing it with the world!
And learn the difference between blaming others for "taking" your energy ("draining you") and facing the truth that you just invested and used your energy unwisely ;) #boundaries #integrity

When we're guided by fear (shadow), life tends to 'drain from us'.
When we're guided by our essence (light), life within and around us seeks to grow and expand. 

As it happens I've just recently had my birthday, and my present Solar Return chart have a locomotive configuration with my Sun at the head.

Let us rise the vibration in the world together!

Deck: #CosmicTribeTarot

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