The Star + The Wheel, Eden + Dog


Have faith in that all is happening to move you towards your true destiny!

Two times 17 - though one being The Wheel of Fortune(!)
XVII is one of my birth cards. 

The Major trend continues.
Whatever happens in your life, it's truly important, powerful and most probably profound in some way?

Very much because you're doing a great job! You stay faithful, and loyal, to your core values and beliefs. You believe in the inherent goodness  or "is-ness" of creation. What might look like "pleasing" to others, you know is "good for goodness sake".
Before the Fall (Eden) + Loyalty (Dog)

The Star
"a phase of development, of spiritual and emotional opening"
Her advice: "to develop your compassion by a profound "letting go" - enhanced by the loyalty theme in Dog Tarot.
"Follow the signs of the universe. Learn to understand these signs and to live in peace and friendship with the world."
"Learn to do good to yourself. Express your affection to those whom you love."

The Wheel
"symbolizes the never-ending cycle of change and the hidden forces that move all beings toward their true destiny."
"Often appears when someone has gone through a huge shift or is contemplating one."

"Flow with the mysteries that shape your life."

"You don't always get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you need"!

Deck: TarotOfEden
Theme: "Before the Fall"
Card: The Star

Deck: DogTarot
Theme: "Loyalty"
Card: The Wheel of Fortune

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