The Star, Royo Dark Tarot


"The sword of hope"

We continue on yesterday's theme - radiating wisdom - and the eventual frustration mentioned then gets highlighted today!

The frustration of not "getting through".
You have SO much to say, so much to "enlighten people about", but no one listens?!

Lets repeat: its about timing.
And HOW you say stuff.
It just can't come from frustration, or a NEED to say shit.
To be really 'efficient' (and wise) it have to come from a place of peace, comfort, Compassion, and Understanding.
Only then people want to listen.

Just look to yourself.
Do you want to be led or guided by someone who 'corrects' you, and 'bang you in the head with what's right', or by someone who understands your dilemmas, show compassion for your current standpoint, and peacefully leads by example?

Not saying that you do - but if 'people just wont listen', there's most likely something in the way you convey your messages or in the general timing of it.

Being a Guiding Star to others isn't about pushing advice on them, but about instilling hope, and showing the direction by well timed pointers in the dark :)


As it happens, A Lot of frustration in my dreams tonight!
Firstly an acquaintance of mine suggested that we, for some reason, should pop into a nearby train to sign some papers. The procedure took so long that the train begun moving. I got so frustrated, because I really couldn't understand why we should do this in the train in the first place, and that it was sort of a given that exactly this thing was going to happen. Now we would have to tag along to the nearest station, and buy tickets to go back. SO UNNECESSARY - time and money wise. I desperately tried to explain to the conductor that I didn't have a ticket because I really had no reason to be on this train, and that I was going to go back first opportunity possible. I think she let me off the hook. My friend I lost sight of. I got off quite soon, but immediately was struck by the smallness of the station, and fear that it would take time before a train would stop. I should have stayed on for the next "real stop", I thought in great distress. Was it close enough to afford a cab home? But SUCH an unnecessary expense. Damn 'friend'...
And then there was a dream about lost shoes.

Deck: Royo Dark Tarot
Theme: "anger, frustration"
Card: The Star

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