The Magician, Hobbit Tarot


You do not have to be outwardly 'resourceful and creative' all the time :)

Now it's less about the HOW (to do stuff) and more about the WHAT!
What are you feeling? What are you thinking?
What responses does your body have to your thoughts?
Neutral, excited, agitated?

Why does your body respond the way it does?
Does it feel natural or programmed?
Does it feel like it comes from gratitude and love, or fear?
Is your nervous system in safety mode or expansion mode?

If your body isn't in expansion mode, you better not push it (run over it), but enter energy saving mode and figure out why your nervous system is disregulated and how to regulate it!
At least that's what I'm going to unexpectedly explore!

Deck: Hobbit Tarot
Theme: "unexpected journey"
Card: The Magician (R)
"Energy follows thought!"

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