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Give yourself some slack!

You don't always have to be so god damn "resourceful" and 'on top of everything'!
Nice continuation from yesterday's reversed Fool, telling us that we don't always have to be 

Maybe it's time to look at resourcefulness in a new way (New Vision).
Maybe we don't have to be perfectly prepared for everything, or have everything figured out in beforehand - but handle and prepare for things as they come, and trust that the universe will be by our side through it.

Not dropping all sense of responsibility and forethought, but give ourselves some slack and space to also be emotionally present with ourselves - again, to hold space for what's going on inside us.
Sometimes (far more often than not...) the inside world must be allowed to take as much room as the outside world.
And not in the form of incessant thinking (S8), but by being present with your emotions and feelings, and letting them speak for themselves.

Yes, it's not that the key is to 'speak nicer to ourselves', but that we actually start listening to ourselves - our feelings, emotions and our bodies. Not as to what we THINK they're telling us.
Not rush ahead and be the smart-ass already knowing, telling it stuff and solving (in haste to get out of the uncomfortable...), but to really FEEL and BE with our body and our emotions.

Peter Crone: 'the ego (and inner child) doesn't want to be healed, it wants to be held'.
Holding space.

Of course there's things that must be taken care of in the outer world (yesterday's card), but don't run over your inner state to do them, in some false belief that you always must 'perform at the same level'.
Show up for your duties with all that you are, now, and The Universe will show you the way.

Meet yourself were you are - and you will soon realise that it's not as uncomfortable as you THINK it is!
That's how you find the treasure at the end of the rainbow (Arco Iris) :)

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