The Lovers + The World, Steampunk + Zenned Out


A relationship that 'turns your world upside down'?!

I love the 'imagery/word play' that Tarot sparks sometimes!
Of course it's awesome to "know the real meaning" of the cards too (as it offers potential for even more depth/dimensions to the reading), but I love it when meanings/headlines just 'pop out' like this.
Sometimes the imagery offers a departure from "the actual meaning of the cards", although that not being the case here.

Then it's so fun to go on from there!
First, lets look at theme.

Deck: #SteampunkTarot
Theme: "life isn't a mechanical system"

Why does the relationship challenge you?
Maybe it's a relationship that's hard to predict or wrap your head around (because relationships ain't like mechanical systems, with an instruction book)?
Maybe it's because you're 'coming from two different places (Mars/Venus :))'?
I see a(n organic) tree behind the woman, and a (man made) mechanical lamp-post behind the man. Maybe you just can't understand how he can be so stiff/cold/automatic in his words/reactions?! ':) 

Next, skimming the text.
"Put the right to people together and they both become their very best selves".
You might be wondering why you two have met, as you're flipped upside down rather than sent off on pink clouds >D 
Maybe it's a necessary 'up-rooting' you're challenged to go through?
#TraumaHealing #NewNeuralPathways #CoreValueEvaluation


Maybe it isn't a who.
It might be a 'what' shifting your perspectives massively?
(I'm signed up for an online course (IFS) this weekend ::)

"You have the opportunity to make a choice - to commit to something that could change your life."

Deck: #ZennedOut
Theme: "through the lens of divine sight"

"The wisdom and power of earth, air, water, and fire are here to support you in this phase of completion."

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