The Lovers + The Moon, Urban + Tarot of the Dead


To become stronger together some things may have to die!

(Reason for a week of silence: travel - education)

"Unity of opposites, the harmony of yin and yang"

Requires one to "control base urges", and go through some sort of "confusion" with awareness turned on (serious reflection).

Do not haste into any 'contract' or 'union' too quickly now.
Don't let a sense of 'it's greener on the other side' or 'gotta get things moving' rush you.
Beware 'quick fixes' and 'this is probably the best I can get'.
Beware following 'good advice' from 'well meaning' people around you.
All that glitters is not gold! 

There are important things going on now - two majors.
But you're advised to take your time, and reflect deeply. 

There are things to 'land', 'finish' and/or 'clean out' (Tarot of the Dead) before 'beginning a new cycle'. 
Take time for 're-alignment with yourself' before aligning with another or signing up for something.
If you act too quickly now there's the risk that your action will not be in line with your true core values and 'soul path'.
There's a heightened probability that your instincts/lower brain (base urges) will lead you astray now.
As easily happens if there's some confusion in the air that some part of you is eager to get out off, through action.

A new cycle of some sort is about to start, make sure you start it in alignment with YOUR soul/core/values.
It may require you to leave some thing behind, to accept something as dead and done. 
It may also require you to to take some risks. Some sort of 'cord cutting'.
Make sure you cut the right cord, and for the right reasons :)

Deck: #UrbanTarot
Theme: "coping with society/the system"

Deck: #TarotOfTheDead
Theme: "death/rebirth, transformation, moving on"

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