The Lovers + The Hermit, Wildwood + Eclectic


Just a liiitle bit more patience and withdrawal before teaming up for something new!

Don't rush into something out of pure survival instinct!
Like listening to your head telling you that you neeeeed the money, or "if I don't do this I..."
Beware fear based action!

Consider different opportunities, draw information from various sources, and most important of all: ask yourself if it is in alignment with your soul and for your (and therefore others') Highest Good!
Is it transformation leading you?

"The light of the lantern does not illuminate his path but shines back into himself, for the path lies within him."

Deck: Wildwood Tarot
Theme: "return to the wild and green"
Card: The Lovers (R)

Deck: Eclectic Tarot
Theme: "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources"
Card: The Hermit

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