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Today, embrace the mystery of life!

I see a lot of "magical" tools, I see play in the cat chasing the butterfly, I see transformation in the butterfly.
I think about how a cat plays with its preys. Maybe that's how we should approach transformation (#healing ) right now?
Again, not take it slow as in waiting passively, but by using our tools, experiment with what we already can and know, go within and listen for sensations, but also be open to outside reflection. Remembering to remain in integrity - cat. Keeping it safe, for the sake of our healing.

"At Mandrake Academy, student don't undergo extensive training in tarot theory. Instead, they learn the ancient art of divination by practicing it, with on minimal instruction beforehand."

This is what I've just done in the 21 day journey to Calm Aliveness with #DrAimieApigian !
There's some theory (lots of bonus materials) for sure, but the focus was - experience!
Experiencing your own nervous system. Your own sensations. Learning what calms and supports YOUR system - through 'minimally instructed exercises' that one can expand on and experiment with, and combine.
I can truly recommend this journey!
Maybe it wasn't as "explicitly revolutionary" for me as for many others, as my system truly doesn't trust me just yet. But I perceive a slight but oh so important movement in my foundations.

It's so freaking cool how one can #reparent oneself, and "repair gaps" in childhood and early development through awareness, presence, touch and movement!
There's such an amazing healing capacity built in Nature <3

I love being a student, and I will be diving deeper into this mystery called life (9th house Moon) !!!
October 10th, starting: Attachment and Neurodevelopment - "Identify childhood gaps and repair what went wrong or was missing" #TheBiologyOfTrauma #SomaticExperiencing

Deck: #WizardsTarot
Theme: "Mandrake Academy - The School of Magic and Wizardry"

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