The Hierophant, Spiral Tarot


Challenging the status quo!

In your own way.

We all have different genius zones. Different gifts and strengths, and also - ways to implement them.
Some thrive, shine, and grow, on the barricades - others (like me) just, don't.

When it comes to benefiting the Collective Consciousness (the "awakening process") there are different ways to do it. And we all come bearing a piece of the puzzle. 
We all come bearing gifts, and we all come bearing 'karma', or a wound to (try to) heal (Chiron pictured on the card).

One way is to "go out there", and "spread the message" - and if you "have it", you will help 'wake people'.
Another is to focus very much on your own awakening, and thereby "raise the percentage". Like - raise consciousness one person at the time, beginning with yourself.  
Most likely 'alone work' - if it's authentic, in your Genius Zone, and not from hiding out of fear to speak up - you WILL (eventually) inspire others! 

Standing at the front-line waving posters just won't do it if it's not what you're meant to do - even if it "seems right"!

So today, reflect on how you can challenge tradition or 'the system'. Not by just 'tagging along', switching one agenda for another, but how YOU can best contribute to the collective awakening (and maybe even...survival of human kind).

I for one, don't fit in the 'fighting fire with fire' group.
Believe me, I tried for long - "getting my way/making my point through anger" - never did I feel good "achieving" things that way.
I just don't feel good when I let fear or anger fuel my actions/words.
I only feel good when my actions/words come from true acceptance, and from 'love'.
But I still have much anger in me to convert/heal - why I "do most good at home", working on/with myself! :D

What's your Genius Zone? (google Gay Hendricks if you draw blank on the term :) )

Deck: Spiral Tarot
Theme: "advancing on the spiral of growth"
Card: The Hierophant (R)
"Speaking your truth, retaining integrity in the face of criticism"

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