The Hierophant, Light Seer's Tarot


"strive to understand your own internal compass"

I just love how this light 'hope bringing' card comes right after The Tower (yesterday) <3
Revolution (great change) may hurt - but 'rightly done' it lead you into light.

But again. 
It's nothing something that's going to fall into your lap.
Time alone wont do it for you.
You will have to make decisions and choices. 
Simple ones maybe, but not easy ones.

The stairs wont climb themselves!

No rush. No push.
Lean into it. 
Find your heart, find your breath, find your smile. 
Your "own internal compass".

"If you've been stuck in an old tradition or a structured way of acting or being that is not longer serving you, it is time to let it fall away in order to make space for a better you."

Note: 'fall away'.
NOT push away. 
The 'old ways' are survival patterns (#TraumaResponses ). Your managers and protectors (#InternalFamilySYstems ) hold them dearly. 
If you run them over, ignore their concerns or try to cognitively bypass them (AGAIN), they might 'step back' - but rest assure, they will return. Angrier than before. They don't fancy being neglected nor manipulated - would you?

But it's time to #unblend from them, and your old survival patterns. 
Time to slowly and gently remove them from the driver's seat. 

No matter how loud their voices are, "the voice of your own heart is the one that matters the most."
Somehow we must help them let go of their fears and realize that.
Help them see our inborn light.

Deck: #LightSeersTarot
Theme: "lessons comes from both the light and shadow sides of our natures"

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