The Hermit, Sweet Twilight Tarot


Instead of focusing on finding a direction when there's just not enough light, why not focus on arriving at inner clarity?! 

Sweet Twilight Tarot twice in three days.
There's just not enough light (clarity) to know where to go next, why not let it go? 

Maybe there's a sense of isolation creeping up on us that we want to get rid of.
Maybe the withdrawal of someone else is stressing us.
Which way is it turning (sunset, sunrise, reverse)? That we cannot possibly know.

There's never a coincidence when we're 'given more alone time'.
Maybe there's some more inside work that need to be done, more feelings that need to be felt - or maybe there are other pieces in the puzzle (out of our sight) that haven't fallen into place yet.
We are but a small piece of this universal and infinitely intertwined puzzle called life!
We're not the only ones having work to do and things to process - others have to!
Let's not get stuck in our own limited view and perception of how things 'should' progress.

Let's not risk 'loosing it all' because we're uncomfortable 'sitting alone not knowing'.
Let's not risk 'loosing it all' because we're uncomfortable - period.  
Let's not press for clarity and answers prematurely. 
Let's let things unfold.

Let's befriend the parts of us that are so damn uncomfortable (instead of trying to find ways to 'make it go away'), shall we?!

We can't hurry the sun to rise, nor set.

Trusting the process - though it feels like a great challenge now, we will be grateful we did it afterwards!

Deck: #SweetTwilightTarot

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