The Hermit, PoMo Tarot


Are you Out of It or is it time to get Out of It?!

The little book talks about a fellow that can't afford, or maybe more - does not care for what his wardrobe or himself looks like.
Things that "you and I find so important".

And he points his flashlight into an empty corner.
He is "out of the game, out of the loop".

I don't know about you, but I don't find it particularly exciting planning something in the future with this kind of energy/person..!
The energy of 'not really caring', of keeping you at arms length.

Even though you know it's from fear or old trauma that needs to be healed, if there's no interest in seeing that, but rather a clear (even if unconscious) choice to stay in and wallow in it - maybe your energy is better placed elsewhere.

As long as it's what I call it "more good than bad", as long as you feel you learn something from it (mostly about yourself, your own weaknesses, and...trigger-points) - all well! But when it's slowly shifts to "more bad than good" - it's time to get Out of IT.

For now.

Change is the only constant, so maybe it's different tomorrow.
Maybe you leaving awakens something in the other.
(Maybe it doesn't. Maybe the distance between the two of you are now too great.)

Leaving doesn't have to mean goodbye, or a clear cut. 
But some form of healthy distance, or boundary making seems appropriate.
Withdrawal from the scene.
No drama, no blaming, no shaming.
The behavior of the other is most likely unconscious, and the person is most likely not interested in hearing about it.
Acceptance, and "meeting the other where (s)he is", but lessen the energy you invest in it.

We all have free will, and are allowed to have whatever we want in our wardrobe!

Deck: PoMo Tarot
Theme: "navigating the next millennium/the future"
Card: Out Of It
rev "leaving the life of the cloth"

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