The Hanged Man, Hobbit Tarot


Time to let go.

(side-note: the first deck/card combination repeating itself - last time, Oct 9th 2020)

And I still thing we're talking about the I-only-care-of-I-want-to non-cooperative dude that's been in the cards the past three days.

The reversed text warn against "being entrapped by others" or "falling excessively under their influence", and "being blind to their negative side".

As mentioned yesterday.
You can't make another care if they don't want to. 
You can't make another cooperate if they don't care to.
You can't force anyone to wake up, or want to heal.
And if you can't stop thinking about it, or let it influence you negatively - there's your true "problem"!
Not the non-caring dude per se!

When someone's been in possession of The (metaphorical) Ring for too long, there's no way back.
'Normal' doesn't exist anymore.
What's left is an unconscious creature fighting to survive.

It's nice to 'think good of people', but then there's "the danger of idealizing someone".
Naive hope, and clinging to minimal signs of "bettering".
Or, it's not them, it's me.
Absolutely, to a certain point triggering people is awesome for personal growth.
But then there's the point when it stops to be! 
When it becomes more about choosing what you want in your life (The Year of The Lovers).

If you're not at all on the same page (yesterday), and seem to be any time soon, it's time to let go.
Let go how you let this person influence and affect you.
Whatever this means to you.
Less hanging, stop calling, waiting before you call back, clear cut.
In your heart you know what you have to do.

Of course, it's not truly unexpected, but a journey you now must take despite the uncomfortable nature of it.

Deck: The Hobbit Tarot
Theme: "an unexpected journey"
Card: The Hanged Man (R)

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