The Fool, This Might Hurt Tarot


And the cards nail it again!

Even if it hurts, life must go on.
We must not let grief consume us, or make suffering out of the pain we feel.

But there are different ways to go about it.
We don't have to play the 'the positivity game' - thinking we need to shake the hurt, and jump back into life like an unaffected Fool, when we are not.
It's ok - and recommended, if you ask me - that we bring the experience with us. The experience is now a part of us.
Life is about gathering experiences. That includes both the 'wanted and unwanted' ones - and the lessons we (hopefully) learn from them, and (hopefully) use for expansion. 
Even grief can expand us, as it's about 'letting the heart feel what it needs to feel'. I believe it's detrimental for the heart (and our health) to try 'keep grief at arms length'. 
But sure, it's not for the faint of heart to embrace grief without getting swallowed by it - like it is with all 'shadowy parts' of us.
But I think it's of great importance that we learn to embrace our own dark corners and feelings - that's how we heal the world, one human at the time.

We don't have to 'wipe our tears' and 'think of something positive/else'.
But we do best in 'moving on', in whatever direction we can move safely <-- important.
That is, in surroundings were we are allowed (or have the strength to) be ourselves in.
Settings were we can bring our (silent or outspoken) grief - if we feel we need to.
Settings were don't have to mute it or 'defend' it, but were it's allowed to be present in the room - even if we don't talk about it. 
It's not always that the talking about it is the important part. Holding the space for it is.

But not everyone has the awareness, strength and/or 'maturity' to hold space for grief - something it is helpful if we understand and respect. And if that is hard for us we might do good in keep ourselves away from individuals of that kind until we have the head-space for that!

Deck: ThisMightHurtTarot
Theme: ^
Card: The Fool (R)

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