The Fool, Healing Tarot


On the road to wellness!

"each of us fixated upon body shaping and pursuing happiness to the detriment of world shaping and spiritual awakening."

"We are divorced, not only from each other and the natural world, but from our true nature."

A widespread dis-ease.
Loosing ourselves in sensations and desires, and letting outside events and things distract us from and getting in touch with our true inner needs.

Life, and the experiences that are presented to us within in, are given to us for self-discovery.
For the Universe to become more conscious of itself.

We need to (re)learn how to live in alignment with the natural world, and our own true nature - any other way of living is in defiance and resistance of nature and the evolution, and the road to extinction. 
If you ask me!

Any dis-ease or un-wellness can point you in the right direction.
And it seems that you've understood the need to distance yourself from what distracts you - reversed.
You begin to really feel what distracts you from yourself and your true nature, and that you would like an end to that.
You begin to fully understand that it is those things that create your anxiety (The Devil yesterday) - not your safety, as Frego (your fear/ego) tries to tell you.
You are beginning to truly understand what 'wellness' means to you, and how important it is to establish it.
Your survival and ability to thrive - and contribute - depend on it!

Deck: Healing Tarot
Theme: '78 ways to wellness'
Card: The Fool (R)

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