The Empress, Linestrider Tarot


Yin imbalance.

When you have troubles feeling how to find and walk that that thin line!
(when that natal Neptune-Moon opposition is more palpable than ordinary ':))
Or, when some protector parts (goggle IFS) are more blended than usual, and determined to "let no feelings through"?
Stuck in polarity thinking.

I read,
"indicates a deep connection with the feminine, or a need for one"
I guess need, as reversed?!
I read for the reversed,
"can indicate that you are giving too much of your personal feminine power away. Perhaps you are allowing the emotional or material needs of others to take more from you than you should."
Without filling your own cup, you can't fill others'.
Makes sense.
But "can also indicate that you are wielding a masculine power in your life and that the feminine is being denied or suppressed."
Sure, I can see that too!

So which is it - too much and giving it away, or blocking it?!
Or both?

Some days the cards leave you clueless, or more even more confused than before ':)
I guess that reveals the answer - 'not connected enough'.
Not enough trust in your Self.
Protector Parts colluding, sitting in the driver's seat?!

I had this dream tonight. 
A couple of hoof klients clearly letting me know "it's all your fault". That all problems started with me.
Even my old mentor - who in 'real life' totally trusts me, and just don't have it in her to blame me, or anyone!

So I'm settling on that - inner trust issues!
Not trusting yourself to lead your life, and believing you're not 'getting it right' - feeling 'no one is pleased with you', including yourself! Probably mirrored in your outer life some way - through unfairness (see previous days), or 'lack of appreciation' for example (whether "true" or perceived, the inner lesson is the same!). 

Deck: LinestriderTarot
Theme: "walking the line, The Razor's Edge" (on the box: the edge of magic and logic)

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