The Emperor, White Cats Tarot


Knowing what do - why and how!

So, we've managed to take lead of the situation it seems!
Yesterday suggested 'bad connection', and even though we might not have restored or created this connection, 'we're on top of it'.
We know what needs to be done for progress, and we set the boundaries we need, in our own way.

We haven't placed our bum apathetically on the sofa cushion, in reaction to the lack of connection to our nurturing feminine powers.
Instead, we know what books or podcast to listen to in order to calm and uplift ourselves, we know to allow all our feelings/parts a seat in our inner kingdom and we meet them with respect, we know what chores to prioritize at home, we know to rest between tasks and not use business as a distraction, we know who to contact and who not to.  
Our determination and intention to dissolve all the layers covering our inborn happiness is unshakable!

"Acting with an iron fist in a velvet glove helps preserve power."

Deck: WhiteCatsTarot
Theme: "Integrity; pure intentions"

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