The Emperor + Two of Wands, Arco Iris + Wild Wood


Get a grip of your situation, then - action!

No hurry though - check how much the Emperor's beard grew before he rose up! ':)

Get away, relax and connect with yourself, nature, and your faith.
I refer to how this Emperor isn't sitting rigidly on a throne, but outdoors on a plain stone block casually leaning on his staff. Looking to be in a pondering bubble, with tools/symbols in his hand for help and guidance. 

So, relax, use what tools you have for connection and guidance. Don't 'think about the result or action' - look how the Emperor 'has his back towards the action'. Rather, get comfortable and firmly rooted in the present moment - a relaxed man upon a very stable sitting device. When in stable connection with yourself and The Now, you 'will know what to do' without explicitly 'having to think about it'. Let your intuitive logic do the work and show you the way.

And when you know, make the decision - and don't second guess it!
Most likely fearful parts in you will raise up and try to distract (or dispute) you, or as they call it - save you or keep you safe.
Don't ignore or run over them (hence the 'let it take time'). Hear them out, but stay firm in your decision and your 'knowing what you have to do'!
It may require quite some discipline on your part, and also some clever negotiation with your managers and firefighters.

"the need to direct and manage that energy to achieve your goals"
"It requires the decisive will to step across a threshold and take control in a positive and proactive manner."
"summoning and directing the powerful, healing energies available to you"

Parts of you may try convince you that you're about to 'get lost in the woods' (based on experiences in the past), when in reality a colorful road of possibilities lays before you

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