The Emperor + Justice, Visconti-Sforza + Robin Wood


Maybe not be the one 'deciding/ controlling Justice' today?!
But neither let anyone else tell you what fairness is, and taking advantage of your felt sense of uncertainty and tentative search for inner trut - do not take on or subscribe to someone else's opinion/perception of truth just to 'belong'!

Follow your own inner moral compass - without trying to control others, or bashing others in the head with your truth!
(or letting others to the same to you - just chose to walk away if they try)

Be prepared - it might be some Mars/Pluto/Authority challenges ahead!
Take some deep breaths, ground yourself, feel the earth beneath your feet, or whatever 'connect You with the greater whole' <3

It's all a part of the journey - not something that 'happens to you'!


Where do you feel it?
How does it feel?
How can you support that part of your body?
Does that part of your body want to tell you something, or is it enough for it to be acknowledged?
#InternalFamilySystems #SomaticExperiencing 

Balance the experience/sensation rather than the situation triggering it.
Don't try to control the experience - control how you manage it.
Be with it rather than react and project. 
If very uncomfortable - titrate it (alternate between being with the body alarm and something that grounds you, not to overwhelm your system). 

Deck: #ViscontiSforzaTarot
Theme: "the old world - 5-sensory perception"
Card: The Emperor (R)
"A warning not to trust someone who wields power over you; lack of control"

Deck: #RobinWoodTarot
Theme: "finding your way through the woods"
Card: Justice (R)

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