The Emperor, Dream Enchantress


Do we really need all that armor?!

"be strong"
"Not all that you feel need to be revealed"
"Show only what you must to accomplish goals"

Sounds like a fun plan ;)

Some parts of us may certainly want to follow that list. To 'stay in control' no matter what. 
But what are the driving force behind it?
I bet it's some form of fear. Some version of "if I don't [x] will happen".
If I'm not strong... I will be hurt.
If I say how I feel... they will leave or not like me.
I better focus on controlling how things unfold/end up.
Terrified of letting vulnerable parts to the surface (see yesterday's page)
#InternalFamilySystems #managers #protectors

All with good intentions of course. 
But based on old outdated beliefs, and our past.

While our soul and inner being longs for healing. 
Of letting go of fear. Of letting the vulnerable and precious part have a place in our life.
Of fully healing the broken bond between our personality and our soul.
Of unburdening those exiled parts.

Look back at yesterday's cards again:
Don't be afraid to reveal the true you.
To let go of goals, and having to name everything.
To focus on the feeling and experience.
And BE. You.
No repression of 'subconscious content' finally wanting to come up for air.

Deck: #DreamEnchantressTarot
Theme: "serving as a mysterious bridge between the conscious and subconscious"

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