The Emperor + Death, Holy Light + Arco Iris


"the will to lead and the boldness to break with the past if doing so will advance the well-being of his empire."

The 'empire' being the Kingdom Within, and the collective - as 'when you do whats right' it is so for yourself as well as for the whole.

New leadership. New boundaries. New direction, suiting YOU.
Your needs. Your purpose/mission. Your soul. And most of all: Your Healing.

Breaking patterns, breaking with the old and transform involves pain and a sense of loss (death).
The proverbial umbilical cord. 

"Whether things go well or not, he's always there like a good father, steering the course of the ship of state with mind and heart fully engaged."

There might be parts of you not liking to 'rock the boat' this way.
Activating protectors in others - 'coming at you'.
Again. 'Like in the old days.'
Your protectors and fire fighters take over, fight back.
They 'shut You out'.
They lose trust in you.
But You don't lose it.
You don't freak out.
You reconnect with your Self-energy.
You have more awareness now, and tools, and you're learning when and how to use them.
You know more about reestablishing trust with your parts - how to (rainbow) bridge it.
Create 'disconfirming experiences'.
(google IFS for parts work)

You learn more and more about "enlightened Self-leadership" and transformation (transcending trauma).

A giant step for you as an individual, and a small but necessary step for humankind :)

Deck: #HolyLightTarot
Theme: "awareness/enlightenment"
Card: The Emperor

Deck: #ArcoIrisTarot
Theme: "rainbow bridge"
Card: Death (R)

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