The Devil, Voodoo Tarot


The fear of loosing yourself in or with someone else.

If you have anything of a pleaser or an attachment trauma within it's easy to get lost in the company of others.
That is, loosing your connection with your true essence and your own needs.
Trauma responses kick in.
You think more about the others feelings than your own, not from their perspective but rather from your own. 
Or you say or do stuff to 'steer how they feel'. To keep things comfortable. Tom 'make them like you' (be 'likeable', because of a deep seated belief that you aren't...).
You unconsciously try to create the connection you think you long for (not realizing it's the connection to your own core that's missing).
Maybe you're the type who get obsessed (possessed almost) - can't think about anything or anyone else.
Maybe you adjust too much, make excuses for the other, because you know so well about how trauma work - without realizing that you totally put your own needs aside.
A total change, like someone has made a Voodoo doll of you and steer you from a distance.

But this Devil doesn't show the traditional chained couple.
Here we see someone 'on top of it'. 
Challenging, playing with or chasing the energies away?
Facing the demons - old outdated beliefs and trauma responses.
Standing up to take a chat with that inner protective system that has been built and enforced through the years

There's no other way to go about it.
Hiding in the hut and never meeting new people doesn't help (heal) us :) 

But remember:
Safety. Safety. Safety.

Deck: #VoodooTarot
Theme: "you have to give (offer) to get - sacrifice" or "be your own master"

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