The Devil + The Fool, Broken Mirror + Gill


A day to 'walk the straight and narrow'.

You will most likely be tempted today. 
Maybe to the degree you won't even notice it.


I like how the lady floats off in her boat, chain broken.
Some spell (or image) is broken. A chance to 'make something even more from the  pieces'.

Make sure you don't gain "freedom" through signing some dusky deal with the Devil...

There's a chance to start something new now, we've seen it in the cards the past days. Through Tarot of the Dead, 10 of Swords and Surrender. 
Make sure you don't 'do anything foolish' now...
Or 'making the same mistake again' for example.

'For the fun of it'...
Your ego is very likely up to con you at the moment.
Make you mistake instinct for intuition for example.
Fool you into some 'innocent fun', telling you to don't bother about your gut feeling whispering otherwise.


Or has it already started?!
Is it the innocent the ego is afraid of?
Wanting you to remain chained, and telling you freedom and play is the work of Devil?

How to know?!
You probably won't know until afterwards ':D
Look back on your day when you go to tonight!
Listen what your body has to say about it :)

Deck: #BrokenMirrorTarot
Theme: "create something even more beautiful from the pieces"

Deck: #GillTarot
Theme: "follow the clew through the labyrinth of life"

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