The Devil, Golden Thread Tarot


Awareness and self-befriending will set you free!

"an understanding of what is important and what isn't is once again achieved."

Not trying to control things you cannot control, and controlling those you can.
You can't control what people think (of you), or how they choose to act or what they choose to say, and you can't control which thoughts and feelings pop into your head and body, or when.
You can control: your response to it all.

That's what's important, that's the direction to go (yesterday's Chariot) for happiness!

Something seems to take place that gives you some sort of light-bulb moment in this regard - a glimpse of what 'true freedom' feels like.

Golden Thread Tarot twice in three days!

Deck: #GoldenThreadTarot
Theme: "control through self knowledge and awareness"
Reversed "Freedom, release, restoring control" (of what you can control)

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