Ten of Wands, White Numen Tarot


Ah! Oh! So much in one card!

Because - a lot is goin' on, right?!
On so many planes.

It's not just about a lot of thoughts, because then we would have gotten a swords card.
It's more than 'just in the mind', though thoughts might (as always) be a large part of it - or triggered because of it.

There seems to be a lot going on. Maybe not on a 'material/defined plane' (then there would have been pentacles), but more in terms of "little triggering things stacking upon each other" or many new impressions you don't really know how to process. Or both!!
Each thing on it's own maybe easy to digest and process, but not as a cluster!
We have the ancient snake symbol. Unprocessed raw energy.

Then we have the traditional W10 - the overburdened guy carrying 10 wands. 
So the situation might feel quite overwhelming.
Out of control.

But still, you know you've handled worse.
I read (in the LWB),
"Surrounded by snakes, yet calm."
During the years you've built up some form of deep knowing that you can't control your surroundings, but only your own responses.
You know that you can only do one thing, take one step at the time.
"She has accepted the heavy load and is at one with her surroundings."

The theme of the deck (in my 'system'):
"return home - don't push it, let it come"

You don't have to know how to manage, solve or process it all.
Let everything unfold, taking care of things as they appear right in front of you - not trying to 'check everything of as quickly as possible', to 'get rid of it' (that might just trigger/attract even more stuff you know ;))

Deck: #WhiteNumenTarot
Card: Ten of Wands

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