Ten of Swords, Xultun Tarot


"The overthrow of negative forces and the strength to succeed once more"

But the meaning in the book that most catch my eye:
"A hypersensitivity to role playing"

I immediately think about the Meryl Streep deck/card yesterday, and how I wrote about not acting and the importance of being authentic. 

Maybe we're finally done with playing a role to 'appear charming', or trying to 'make the other believe we're some perfect spotless King Arthur'.

An 'overthrowing' of the inner management that have had us play all these roles - the inner management that has ruled from a place of fear and with the sole purpose of surviving.

Not a classic 'throw out' though, but a mature dialogue. 
In which everyone feels heard and seen, and are offered new responsibilities instead of being 'thrown out' or imprisoned (repressed).

It's not fun laying beaten (stabbed) with the face to the ground (referring to the traditional S10) but soon we'll stand again!
Once we've sorted out which of our own outdated beliefs (thoughts) are 'working against us' (stabs us) and can gently remove them.

Deck: #XultunTarot

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