Ten of Swords + Four of Swords, Sherlock + Light Seer's


Sometimes you have to face things heads on, and not crawl into bed and hope or assume that things will (dis)solve themselves!

Somewhat a continuation from yesterday, where the theme was 'don't let past fears or failures impede your actions today'.
And the 'rewrite the narrative'. 
That even if things went south in the past, you must have the courage to try again - like the little child learning to walk.

With age comfort (the woman in the nest) creep in. "Oh, I've changed and developed so much, do I really have to do it again?!". 
And, if something seems to hard, we might bail out - "things shouldn't be this hard, I just want to flow with life".
No, we shouldn't try to push life, but even in flow there can be bumps in the road that need to be surpassed.
Think about the large boulder in the stream - water splashing all around hitting it on its way pass, still in flow.

It's a BIG difference between circumstances hampering us - and our mind (swords) doing it!!
You "failing" at something, or not mastering something, or not "being/performing as good as you like" is NOT (necessarily) circumstantial - it might be you not having enough skills yet.
And the way to get them?
Roll down in bed and take a nap?!

Firstly, you might do good in facing your, and listening to the, narrative you have in your head. Look out for any negative stories,  and ask if they are (objectively) true and were they come from. Thank them for their service, and bid them farewell!

Then - "hit the gym". 
Whatever you what to (re)learn or strengthen you have to practice!
Even if you don't know "what's waiting on the other side of the door"!

Deck: #SherlockHolmesTarot
Theme: "deduction"
Card: Ten of Swords

Deck: #LightSeersTarot
Theme: "lessons comes from both the light and shadow sides of our natures"
Card: Four of Swords (R)

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